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The Forums are the discussion boards of Their stated purpose is to provide members with a place to discuss topics pertaining to and pop culture in general. Sometimes they are also a playground for people to indulge in douchebaggery, incomprehensible rambling and sexual harassment.


The forums opened to the general public on August 22, 2005. The first three members, joining on that same day, were Spanky McCracken, Valdronius and Tebor, all of whom went on the become moderators.


The core of the forums is made up of the pop culture boards, which include Movies, Music, Television, Toys and Video Games. Out of all of those the Video Games board is by far the most popular surpassing the others in both the number of threads as well as individual posts.

On July 2, 2008 Syd finally added a sports board after people had been complaining about sports and professional wrestling related topics in the General Discussion and Television sections for months.

The nWo board is more or less unmoderated and currently serving as a place for possibly offensive and NSFW posts.

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