Great Food Debate of '08

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The Great Food Debate of '08 refers to a time of hefty discussions on the Forums about the necessity of establishing a food forum.

The Story

The boards were quiet and fingers were still on their keyboards when the Sports forum was introduced into the world of Suddenly, fingertips clacked a message out on the keyboard. Sidewaydriver was his name, and a food forum was demanded. Soon, many were beckoned to his call and several food related posts entered the General Discussion forum. This group of renegades called themselves The Food Forum Militia and demanded a Food and Drink forum. Arguments ensued soon after about the flood of food related posts, but the Militia held on strong. A poll was then made by Douche McCallister to see if a Food/Drink forum was needed. Unfortunately, the FFM was overrun by people who don't like food. Since then the official food forum has been established HERE.

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