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A Flying Hellfish?
 Haddox is a member of the SydLexia.com forums. He joined the forums May 12th, 2006, but rarely posts.
He claims to be a pirate and has a website called The Best Page In The Universe.


Is Haddox' website a rip-off of Maddox' Best Page In The Universe?
No. While there are some similarities in writing style, website layout and the names of the authors and their respective websites, they have virtually nothing in common.
Is Haddox an alter ego of Syd?
Who is Haddox then?
Not Syd.
But why is his website hosted on SydLexia.com?
Allegedly Haddox is in the possession of a rather embarrassing video involving Syd and vast amounts of Erin Esurance hentai, but as of now, that is just a rumor.
Why isn't Haddox more active on the forums?
He's too busy not updating his site.
How can I contact Haddox?
Send him an e-mail.

Haddox Facts

  • According to "the list that started it all" on his website, his full name is Charles Milles Haddox.
  • In addition to being a pirate, he is a mathematics major and ex-telemarketer.
  • He is a big fan of Cadbury eggs.

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