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Noises Off was the seventeenth movie done by MSLT3K. The crew for this session consisted of FigNewton, Fernin, Mr_Scotty, and TARDISman. Not Sure started the movie off, but left near the beginning.


[02:53] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Go time, Ghandi? [02:53] <@TARDISman> Are you set? [02:54] <@Ghandi> I added the XP [02:54] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Huh? [02:54] <@Ghandi> I'm long from leveling up, so it's a non-issue niw [02:54] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Oh [02:54] <@Fernin> Ghandi, the movie [02:54] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Umm, movie? [02:54] <@Fernin> is the movie loaded yet? [02:54] <@TARDISman> Can we start so I can go to bed? [02:54] <@Ghandi> OH.. is it in the the main chat? [02:55] <@FabriqueAuMexique> We talk about the movie in here [02:55] <@Fernin> we're starting the movie, Ghandi, with or without you [02:55] <@Ghandi> Part 1 is loaded [02:55] <@Ghandi> Whats the room? [02:55] <@FabriqueAuMexique> So, everyone's ready? [02:55] <@FabriqueAuMexique> This one [02:55] <@Ghandi> Part 1 is ALL thats loaded [02:55] <@FabriqueAuMexique> That's fine, put on Part 2 while we watch it [02:55] <+not_sure> 1 sec, bathroom [02:55] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Tardis, Hacker, Fern? [02:56] <@Fernin> I've been ready since I came into this room [02:56] <@TARDISman> Ready [02:56] <@Ghandi> ok, no prob [02:56] <@Ghandi> not_sure, I'llwatch part 4 tomorrow [02:56] <@TARDISman> Same [02:56] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Me too [02:56] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Mr_Scott [02:56] <+not_sure> ok [02:56] <@Ghandi> Are we all set? [02:56] <@Mr_Scott> one sec [02:56] * @Fernin falls over. [02:56] * @FabriqueAuMexique sighs [02:57] <@TARDISman> Its highly likely I'm gonna leave in the middle of this [02:57] * @Ghandi assumes Part 2 will e linked after Part 1 [02:57] <@Fernin> it's in a playlist, Ghandi [02:57] <@FabriqueAuMexique> We linked you the playlist [02:57] <@Fernin> part 2 will automatically start after part 1 [02:57] <@Ghandi> gotcha [02:57] * @TARDISman swingin' like a pendulum [02:57] <@Ghandi> Count it down [02:57] <@Mr_Scott> ready [02:58] <@FabriqueAuMexique> OKAY [02:58] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Ok, part one, go! [02:58] <@TARDISman> I touched Stone, she got kinda pissed though [02:58] <@Mr_Scott> This was a british play before a movie right? [02:58] <@TARDISman> I believe it was [02:58] <@Fernin> yep [02:59] <@FabriqueAuMexique> How'd you know that, Hacker? [02:59] <@TARDISman> Damn, I forgot how great this cast is [02:59] <@Mr_Scott> [02:59] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Hehe [02:59] <@Ghandi> Marilus Henner? :D [02:59] <@Ghandi> -s [02:59] <@Mr_Scott> I like this music [02:59] <@FabriqueAuMexique> It's pretty nice [02:59] <@TARDISman> Swingin' [02:59] <@FabriqueAuMexique> I'm not too much a fan of the lady singing [02:59] <@Mr_Scott> although the vocals should be just a touch softer [03:00] <@Mr_Scott> just barely [03:00] <@Ghandi> I'm gonna like this movie [03:00] <@TARDISman> Michael Caine, such a BAMF [03:00] <@Fernin> didn't Groucho Marx make that joke? "Is there something wrong with your seat? Yeah, it's facing the stage!" [03:01] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Yeah, that was him [03:01] <@Mr_Scott> damn i wanna say i know another movie this guy is from [03:01] <@TARDISman> Dark Knight, Batman Begins and Muppet Christmas Carol [03:02] <@TARDISman> Alfred in the first two, Scrooge in the last [03:02] <@Mr_Scott> the batman movies were the ones i was thinking of [03:02] <+not_sure> Prestige [03:02] <@Ghandi> I have a problem of watching a movie unattached [03:03] * @Mr_Scott squints [03:03] <@Mr_Scott> british humor [03:03] <@TARDISman> I think she's supposed to leave the sardines [03:03] <@Ghandi> yay, rotaroy phone [03:03] <@Mr_Scott> heh two lemons and a banana [03:04] <@Fernin> nobody listens to the director [03:04] <@Ghandi> hehe, yeah, Director [03:04] <@TARDISman> Its like the old band joke how many conductors does it take to screw in a light bulb? [03:04] <@Mr_Scott> Before i had to leave the school play i learned one thing [03:04] <@Mr_Scott> THE DIRECTOR IS GOD!!! [03:04] <@Mr_Scott> of the stage anyway [03:04] <@TARDISman> 1 but who's watching? [03:05] <@Fernin> haha, so true, Tardis [03:05] <@Ghandi> suddenly I want olvies [03:05] <@Fernin> in another hour, you'll want sardines [03:05] <@Ghandi> VAgue Director directions [03:06] <@TARDISman> I see what you did there! [03:06] <@Ghandi> that blonde has no idea whats going on [03:07] <@TARDISman> She probably thinks she's actually in a cabin [03:07] <@Mr_Scott> gimme a B.I.M.B.O [03:07] <@TARDISman> And bimbo was her name-o [03:07] <@Mr_Scott> heh [03:07] <@Ghandi> damn, cant take direction [03:07] <@Fernin> a burgular [03:08] <@Mr_Scott> these damn sardines [03:09] <@TARDISman> Since its a playlist we're just going bambambam right? [03:09] <@Ghandi> hehe [03:09] <@Mr_Scott> can sardines be a new bot-trigger? [03:09] <@TARDISman> DAMN these sardines! [03:09] <@Fernin> it'd still be good to pause and make sure everyone's synched up, Tardis [03:09] <@Mr_Scott> THESE PRETZELS are making me thirsty [03:09] <@FabriqueAuMexique> So we're pausing up? [03:10] <@Ghandi> where is part 2? [03:10] <@Fernin> just for a sec, at the start of part 2 [03:10] <+not_sure> ... [03:10] <@Ghandi> This is great [03:10] <@Mr_Scott> ...It should have auto-loaded [03:10] <@Ghandi> nm, its l;aoding [03:10] <@Ghandi> 3 minutes tops [03:10] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Okay, so, everyone's at the start of part 2, correct? [03:10] <@TARDISman> Ready to go [03:10] <@Ghandi> 2 minutes on muy Collegeconnection [03:10] <@Mr_Scott> no [03:11] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Where are you, Hacker? [03:11] * @Ghandi isn ot ready [03:11] <@TARDISman> Balls [03:11] <@Mr_Scott> about 2 minutes in part 2 [03:11] <@Fernin> then grab the slider and move it back, Hacker [03:11] <@Fernin> and then hit the pause button [03:11] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Yeah, I was too, go back to the start [03:11] <@FabriqueAuMexique> We're going to pause between parts to make sure everyone's synced [03:12] <@Mr_Scott> k ready [03:12] <@TARDISman> Set [03:12] <@Fernin> Ghandi, load multiple parts at once, so we don't have to wait for you at the start of every part [03:14] <@Fernin> ...I'm so seriously tempted to just boot Ghandi and get on with this [03:16] <@Fernin> are we just about set to go on part 2? [03:16] * Mr_Scott sets mode: +b *!* [03:16] <@TARDISman> Once Ghandi's back in here [03:16] * Mr_Scott sets mode: -b *!* [03:16] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Everyon- the fuck? [03:16] <@Fernin> ...why did Ghandi leave this room? [03:16] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Who'd you ban, Hacker? [03:16] * Ghandi ( has joined #MSLT3K [03:16] <@Fernin> he banned himself [03:16] <@FabriqueAuMexique> He disconeccted, then never came back [03:16] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Dumbass [03:16] <Ghandi> Part 2 ready? [03:17] <@FabriqueAuMexique> We're waiting on you [03:17] <@Mr_Scott> ready' [03:17] <@Fernin> we were waiting on you, Ghandi, bit of a silly question [03:17] <Ghandi> 75% [03:17] <@FabriqueAuMexique> So! [03:17] <Ghandi> I should be good enough [03:17] <+not_sure> groan [03:17] <Ghandi> Ready? [03:17] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Tardis? [03:17] <@TARDISman> Yes! [03:17] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Okay, go!!! [03:17] <@FabriqueAuMexique> These /damn/ sardines [03:17] <@TARDISman> Sardiiiiiiines!!!! [03:18] <@Mr_Scott> after today sardines needs to be a bot trigger [03:18] <Ghandi> Poppy = ASM [03:18] <@TARDISman> I remember her in What About Bob [03:18] <Ghandi> Maybe SM [03:20] <@TARDISman> Why do they insist on failure [03:20] <@Fernin> such is the way of theater in a tech/dress rehearsal [03:20] <@Mr_Scott> and god said POPPY [03:21] <Ghandi> hah [03:21] <@TARDISman> Tim! [03:21] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Who's Tim? [03:21] <Ghandi> ok, so Tim is the SM [03:22] <@Mr_Scott> DE JA VU [03:22] <@Fernin> yep, Tim is the SM, Ghandi [03:22] <@TARDISman> And god said where the hell is Tim? [03:22] <@TARDISman> I keep nearly saying time [03:22] <Ghandi> Lloyd is a bad director [03:22] <Ghandi> or his SM is terrible ar his job [03:22] <@Fernin> ha haa, Selsdon [03:24] <@TARDISman> Do. Not. Cry. [03:24] <@TARDISman> Brody! [03:24] <@Mr_Scott> is it a party? [03:25] <Ghandi> Huh, the Stage Manager isnt supposed to hangdle pauroll [03:25] <+not_sure> he seems familiar [03:25] <@TARDISman> He was Marcus Brody in Indiana Jones [03:25] <+not_sure> aaah [03:25] <Ghandi> Isnt she from Airplane? [03:25] <@TARDISman> I think so [03:26] <@TARDISman> I haven't seen Airplane in years [03:26] <Ghandi> Director again assuming hte job of hte Stage Manager [03:28] <@TARDISman> And done [03:28] <@Mr_Scott> stepping to the lu for a minute [03:28] <+not_sure> I think I'm going to bed [03:28] <Ghandi> Are we all loaded? [03:28] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Aww [03:28] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Night, NS [03:28] <Ghandi> ok, I'll get some food [03:28] <+not_sure> night [03:28] * +not_sure ( Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.86 [Firefox 3.5.7/20091221164558]�) [03:28] <Ghandi> nit not_sure [03:29] <@TARDISman> Same, gimme a couple of minutes I'll get some eats and that'll give me energy [03:29] <@FabriqueAuMexique> I guess if everyone else is going to do stuff, I'll go grab a pop [03:29] <Ghandi> I can't separate myself from thsi workd [03:30] <Ghandi> I know too much about it [03:30] <Ghandi> Though... fattening choclate junk food would help :) [03:31] * Ghandi is going to eb soooo hungover tomorrow [03:31] <Ghandi> fuck it, ?i've got nowhere to be :) [03:32] <@Mr_Scott> Ghandi how many fingers am i holding up [03:32] * FabriqueAuMexique is now known as FigNewton [03:32] * @Mr_Scott holds up three fingers [03:32] * FigNewton is now known as FabriqueAuMexique [03:32] <Ghandi> rum and coke, served cold [03:32] <Ghandi> and olives [03:32] * Mr_Scott sets mode: +o Ghandi [03:32] <@Fernin> lol... apparently, Matt got those same emails that we did, Fig, and he already deleted that guy [03:32] <@Ghandi> yay college life [03:32] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Hehe [03:33] <@Ghandi> thx'3 [03:33] <@FabriqueAuMexique> But there's virus activity on his computer! [03:34] <@Ghandi> the Director of this move-play is takig too many Stage Manager jobs and the SM is slacking to all hell [03:34] <@Mr_Scott> five new PM's on fernins forum [03:34] <@Ghandi> He'd be fired in any Union situation [03:34] <@Ghandi> Also, cold and rum on coke, ready to be drank [03:34] <@Ghandi> Are we ready for part 3? [03:34] <@FabriqueAuMexique> lol Hacker [03:34] <@Mr_Scott> OH NOES [03:34] <@Fernin> the SM's not so much slacking to all hell as he is tired as all hell, like Belinda said, he's been awake for 48 hours straight [03:34] <@TARDISman> Back [03:34] <@FabriqueAuMexique> So! [03:35] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Everyone ready? [03:35] <@Mr_Scott> there's a virus on my c0mputer [03:35] <@Mr_Scott> I better click that link [03:35] <@Fernin> ready [03:35] <@TARDISman> Ready [03:35] <@Ghandi> Maybe, but that responsibiltiy is assumed for any SM job [03:35] <@Ghandi> You get 2 hours during mst priductions in college, this is pro.. no excuse [03:35] <@Mr_Scott> ready [03:35] <@Ghandi> I'm ready [03:35] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Go!!!1 [03:35] <@Mr_Scott> that laugh is hilarious [03:36] <@Mr_Scott> Heh [03:36] <@Mr_Scott> "nowhere like bed when there all on top of you" [03:37] <@Ghandi> Wow, what a clusterfuck of a show [03:37] <@Mr_Scott> seriously [03:37] <@Mr_Scott> but it's good so far [03:37] <@Ghandi> The director is talkingt about objectives [03:38] <@Mr_Scott> admit it, were all staring at the girl in her underwear [03:38] <@Fernin> oh, just to cut you off, Hack, that's as nude as she gets, otherwise I couldn't put it up on youtube [03:38] <@Mr_Scott> I know [03:38] <@Ghandi> Tonight? They have to have a $$$ paid Stage Manager to open tongiht [03:39] <@Mr_Scott> again [03:39] <@Mr_Scott> admit it, were all staring at the girl in her underwear [03:39] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Yeah, I'd absolutely fuck her [03:39] <@TARDISman> Just a bit yeah [03:39] <@FabriqueAuMexique> No question [03:40] <@Fernin> take your time, Hack, you've got the whole movie to ogle her, that's pretty much her state of dress for the rest of the movie [03:40] <@Mr_Scott> :) [03:40] <@Mr_Scott> god bless adolescence [03:40] <@Ghandi> The play stuff is awesome [03:40] <@TARDISman> Hear hear [03:40] <@Ghandi> perfect timing, everything [03:40] <@Ghandi> hahaha [03:41] * @Mr_Scott just got a bit if heartburn [03:42] <@Mr_Scott> contact fall out? [03:42] <@TARDISman> Yeah [03:43] <@Mr_Scott> poor poppy [03:46] <@TARDISman> This play's the perfect arguement for ultimate chaos [03:46] <@Mr_Scott> done [03:46] <@Fernin> ack, boo on me for cutting him off in the middle of that line [03:46] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Ready? [03:46] <@Fernin> ready [03:46] <@Ghandi> This movie is aesome [03:46] <@TARDISman> Hai [03:46] <@Ghandi> Anyone need to load [03:46] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Hack? [03:46] <@Ghandi> part 4? [03:46] <@Mr_Scott> Oui monsieur [03:46] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Go-o! [03:47] <@Ghandi> Going [03:47] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Part 4 [03:47] <@Ghandi> a 2 story set is a lucxury of few theaters [03:47] <@Mr_Scott> lyod reminds me of my schools drama teacher [03:48] <@Ghandi> ok, Poppy is an ASM [03:48] <@Mr_Scott> Who taught the film history class i'm in [03:48] <@Mr_Scott> er was in [03:48] <@Fernin> Poppy nearly gets struck again [03:49] <@Ghandi> Director's I've known are exactly like that one [03:51] <@Ghandi> Superman has some range [03:51] <@TARDISman> Ah-HA! That's who he is [03:52] <@Mr_Scott> Is this place supposed to be company retreat house? [03:52] <@Ghandi> hasha [03:52] <@Fernin> I think that's the best name for it, Hack [03:53] <@Mr_Scott> heh heh heh [03:53] <@Mr_Scott> This is hilarious [03:53] <@TARDISman> British comedy at its finest [03:53] <@Mr_Scott> good chooice fernin [03:53] <@Mr_Scott> *choice [03:54] <@Ghandi> this play within a play is a riot [03:54] <@Mr_Scott> WHat the hell [03:55] <@Fernin> one was in the linen closet, the other was in with the made bed... sheets make for a good disguise [03:55] <@Mr_Scott> :) [03:56] <@TARDISman> Timmy! [03:56] <@Ghandi> Tim? SM? Where are you? [03:56] <@Fernin> the SM's acting, of course! [03:57] <@Ghandi> Cincidence? Director's choice [03:57] <@TARDISman> "Convenient" plot change [03:57] <@TARDISman> Oh damn [03:58] <@Fernin> konk [03:58] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Ready? [03:58] <@TARDISman> Ready [03:58] <@Fernin> ready [03:58] <@TARDISman> I'm runnin' on empty [03:58] <@Ghandi> Anyone not ready with Part 5? [03:58] <@Mr_Scott> im ready [03:58] <@Ghandi> Tardis? [03:58] <@FabriqueAuMexique> I'll handle that, Ghandi ;) [03:58] <@TARDISman> REady [03:58] <@Ghandi> ok :) [03:58] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Goo! [03:58] <@Ghandi> I'm ready [03:58] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Again! [03:59] <@Fernin> no, just the once, the splitter was finicky in some places [03:59] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Nekky wants you, Fern [03:59] <@FabriqueAuMexique> And yes yes, I know [04:00] <@TARDISman> He's snapped [04:00] <@Ghandi> At least they have a hot girl in her underwear :) [04:00] <@TARDISman> Draaaaaaaaaaama! [04:01] <@Ghandi> Wow, what a badly run show [04:02] <@Fernin> now we see Act 1, from backstage [04:03] <@TARDISman> Ooooh With a Little Help from my Friends in the background [04:03] <@TARDISman> Didn't notice that before [04:03] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Hehe, I was just about to say [04:03] <@Ghandi> This is ametuer-pro theater [04:05] <@TARDISman> John Ritter threatening people entertains me [04:06] <@TARDISman> I think he's hiding them up there now [04:06] <@Ghandi> Such BAD pro theater... I'm sure its not far from the turth when the big wigs do their flip outs though [04:07] <@Ghandi> Rapid fire lines are alos more in theater than in movies [04:08] <@Fernin> this is why members of an acting troop should /not/ see each other [04:08] <@TARDISman> Exactly [04:09] <@TARDISman> Michael Caine is most displeased [04:09] <@Ghandi> The Kayfabe is this play/movie crumbles under a competent Stage Manager [04:09] <@TARDISman> That's about what I expecte [04:09] <@TARDISman> d [04:09] <@TARDISman> REady [04:09] <@Mr_Scott> o [04:09] <@Fernin> ready [04:09] <@Mr_Scott> same [04:09] <@Ghandi> its still REALLY endtertaining though and very funny [04:09] <@Ghandi> I'm good to go [04:10] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Part 6, go [04:11] <@Ghandi> Alos, the Director has no reaosn to be there at this time [04:11] <@TARDISman> Gummie Bears! [04:11] <@Ghandi> Matinee = old peope [04:13] <@Fernin> "Some of the seniors out there haven't got long to go!" XD [04:14] <@Ghandi> Their SM is going ot be fired [04:14] <@Ghandi> For some reason that girl, the ASM, is runninghte show [04:16] <@TARDISman> (thunk) Fail [04:16] <@Ghandi> his movie is awesome [04:17] <@Fernin> ...Ghandi, I can totally see you as Selson in 40 years [04:17] <@Fernin> Selsdon* [04:17] <@TARDISman> Yeah [04:17] <@Fernin> hard of hearing, bent with age, still doing plays and getting drunk at the same time [04:18] <@TARDISman> Watch in stitches as Denholm Elliot reaches in vain for his booze! [04:19] <@Mr_Scott> its funny [04:19] <@Ghandi> Crises backstge are often like this [04:20] <@Fernin> entirely random "Oh my God!"... that happened to be at exactly the moment he needed to say it :D [04:20] <@TARDISman> What. The. Hell. [04:20] <@Ghandi> but this too crumbles to a Props Crew and Props Chief =, which would be hired on such a show [04:21] <@Fernin> next! [04:21] <@TARDISman> Part 7 ready [04:21] <@Ghandi> Still, this movie is hilarious [04:21] <@Ghandi> uh, lemme check [04:21] <@Mr_Scott> ready [04:21] <@TARDISman> I missed something, why is there a fire axe being flaunted about? [04:21] <@Ghandi> I'm a god for part 7 [04:21] <@FabriqueAuMexique> lol [04:21] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Ok, goo [04:21] <@Fernin> it just sort of happened, Tardis [04:21] * @Ghandi is going [04:21] <@TARDISman> Timmy [04:22] <@Fernin> there was an axe backstage, someone grabbed it for... something, and it led to shenanigans [04:22] <@TARDISman> Oh shit, here we go [04:23] <@Mr_Scott> This [04:23] <@Mr_Scott> Is chaos [04:23] <@Fernin> just wait til "Act 3" [04:23] <@Ghandi> And the beauty of ALL this is, the audience doesnt know anything went wrong [04:23] <@TARDISman> Wouldn't half the seniors in the audience have a heart attack the second the person in her underwear showed up? [04:24] <@Ghandi> With her? Hmmm... with what I ew up with and now? :-P she'd need to be naked :) [04:24] <@FabriqueAuMexique> That guy keeps reminding me of Brian May [04:24] <@FabriqueAuMexique> I watched Queen at Wembley this morning, coincodentally enough [04:24] <@Mr_Scott> That made no sense ghandi [04:25] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Ghandi's quite intoxicated, Hacker [04:25] <@Mr_Scott> i FIGURED [04:25] <@Mr_Scott> damn caps [04:25] <@TARDISman> Oh wow [04:25] <@Ghandi> o course it iddnt [04:25] <@Ghandi> but you all know what I meant [04:26] <@TARDISman> So. Many. /FLOWERS!!!/ [04:27] <@TARDISman> Epic fail [04:27] <@Fernin> epic-er fail in a sec [04:27] <@Mr_Scott> THEIFED [04:27] <@TARDISman> TREASURE HUNTER! [04:28] <@Mr_Scott> wuss [04:28] <@Fernin> the show must go on... broken rib or not [04:28] <@Mr_Scott> a fucking cactus [04:29] <@TARDISman> Now there's a blind half naked lady with a half shattered mental state is running around [04:29] <@Fernin> and a man who's been speared in the ass with a cactus [04:29] <@Mr_Scott> Sounds like half the girls in my highschool [04:29] <@TARDISman> Its like a silent movie [04:30] <@TARDISman> Oh my god Michael Caine and Faye Dunaway can speak! [04:31] * @Ghandi ( Quit (Quit: #yhiselamu | (EOF)�) [04:31] <@Mr_Scott> this is great [04:31] <@Mr_Scott> but sad at the same time [04:31] <@FabriqueAuMexique> It's a real tearjerker [04:31] <@Mr_Scott> pathetic sad not sad sad [04:31] <@TARDISman> Dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuun! [04:31] <@Mr_Scott> Oh shit moment [04:32] <@TARDISman> Lesse, this is PG13 correct? [04:32] <@Fernin> I think so [04:32] <@TARDISman> So that means that they've got 1 more fuck [04:32] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Feels 14A [04:32] <@Mr_Scott> ready to go go go [04:33] <@TARDISman> Aye [04:33] <@FabriqueAuMexique> I've seen the fuck-count rule broken, before [04:33] <@Mr_Scott> londons smash [04:33] <@Mr_Scott> sex farce [04:33] <@FabriqueAuMexique> I don't think it's as hard and fast as people make it to be [04:33] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Oh, umm, no Ghandi [04:33] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Go! [04:33] <@Fernin> yeah, skip waiting for Ghandi [04:33] <@Mr_Scott> Fig [04:33] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Yes, Hacker? [04:33] <@Fernin> and now begins Act 3 [04:34] <@Mr_Scott> We watched a Canadian pg movie in my film class [04:34] <@TARDISman> Closest I've seen is American President, which had 3 on the dot, pretty close to each other too [04:34] <@Mr_Scott> had boobs [04:34] <@Mr_Scott> 5 times [04:34] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Yeah [04:34] <@FabriqueAuMexique> We're cooler with sex, you guys are cooler with violence [04:34] <@TARDISman> Yeah that is true [04:34] <@FabriqueAuMexique> When I was talking about the fuck count rule, I meant the American rating [04:34] <@TARDISman> Spoain [04:35] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Also, the MPAA doesn't release specific criteria on things, all their criteria are secret, I'm pretty sure [04:35] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Like, for rule type things [04:35] <@TARDISman> Yeah, I just guess since I've either seen 3 at most or 15 and its R [04:36] <@FabriqueAuMexique> I've heard you're only allowed three a lot [04:36] <@TARDISman> Ohoho, nut shot! [04:36] <@Mr_Scott> junk punch [04:36] <@FabriqueAuMexique> But I /know/ I've seen PG-13 movies that had four or five, before [04:36] <@Mr_Scott> hot fuzz sure as hell wasnt one of those [04:37] <@TARDISman> Maybe if they were spread out [04:37] <@TARDISman> Hot fuzz was an easy R though [04:37] * Forumer_289 ( has joined #MSLT3K [04:37] <@Fernin> wb, Ghandi [04:37] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Four minutes in [04:37] * Forumer_289 is now known as Ghandi [04:37] <Ghandi> webclient died [04:37] <Ghandi> A terrble complete deasth [04:37] <Ghandi> took awhile to get back connected [04:37] * Mr_Scott sets mode: +v Ghandi [04:38] <+Ghandi> thanks [04:38] <+Ghandi> I'll castch up with you guys in part 9 [04:38] <@Fernin> you wouldn't expect the blonde to be the one on top of things when it all goes to hell [04:39] <@TARDISman> Yep [04:39] <@TARDISman> Isn't this much stress bad for pregnant women [04:39] <@TARDISman> ? [04:39] * +Ghandi is still watching part 8 [04:39] <@Mr_Scott> shittty shitty shit shit [04:39] <@Fernin> absolutely [04:40] * +Ghandi blames Obamanomics [04:40] <@FabriqueAuMexique> We're all on Part 8 [04:41] <@Mr_Scott> did he just call her mrs newspaper [04:41] <@Fernin> he did :D [04:41] <@TARDISman> I'm gone after this part, I really need to get to bed [04:41] <+Ghandi> I"m at 6:15~ [04:41] <+Ghandi> 6:30 [04:41] <@Mr_Scott> were at 8 [04:41] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Come on, Tardis! [04:41] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Only fifteen minutes left, after this [04:42] <@FabriqueAuMexique> You can't quit now! [04:42] <@TARDISman> No, I really need to get to bed I've got lunch in 8 hours with my cousin and grandma [04:42] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Aww [04:43] <@TARDISman> What the hell?! [04:43] <@Mr_Scott> this is a bit painful to watch [04:44] <@TARDISman> Baaaaaaaahahahhahahahhaa, Timmy! [04:44] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Night, Tardis [04:44] <@TARDISman> Fine I'll stick around but this is the last time [04:44] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Woo! [04:44] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Ready? [04:44] <@Mr_Scott> oui [04:44] <@TARDISman> Yeah [04:44] <@Fernin> ready [04:44] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Ghandi? [04:45] <+Ghandi> yeah? [04:45] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Ready? [04:45] <+Ghandi> ready [04:45] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Part 9, go! [04:46] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Best cover ever [04:47] <@Mr_Scott> get ready [04:48] <@Fernin> wrong again, Freddy [04:48] <@TARDISman> Look up in the sky its a bird, its a plane, its /SUPERFAIL!/ [04:48] <+Ghandi> ASm ditcthes the script [04:48] <@Fernin> no use for the script at this point [04:48] <@Mr_Scott> no this isnt superfail [04:49] <@Mr_Scott> This is a godly fail [04:50] <@Fernin> run away, Lloyd! You can escape the fail! [04:50] * Mr_Scott is now known as fail [04:50] <@fail> there is no escape!!! [04:51] * fail is now known as Mr_Scotty [04:52] <@Mr_Scotty> THE FUCK [04:52] <@TARDISman> Holy hells its Michael Caine! [04:52] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Hahahahaha [04:52] <@Mr_Scotty> Just cancel it [04:52] <@Fernin> Tim! [04:52] <@TARDISman> Timmy! [04:52] <@Mr_Scotty> three stooges [04:53] <@Mr_Scotty> improv people improv [04:54] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Excellente [04:54] <@Mr_Scotty> o_o [04:55] <@TARDISman> ... [04:55] <+Ghandi> Worst show ever [04:55] <@TARDISman> This is so weird on lack of sleep [04:55] <@Mr_Scotty> last five minutes\ [04:55] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Fnal part! [04:55] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Ready-o? [04:55] <@Fernin> ready! [04:55] <+Ghandi> Part 10 [04:55] <@TARDISman> PART 10 READY [04:55] <@TARDISman> I WANNA SLEEP [04:55] <+Ghandi> 'm ready [04:55] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Goo!!!! [04:55] <@Mr_Scotty> o-ydaer [04:55] <+Ghandi> 5 min [04:55] <@Fernin> you can skip out once the credits start, Tardis [04:56] <@Mr_Scotty> ready [04:56] <@Fernin> ...we're a minute in already, Hack [04:56] <@Mr_Scotty> whoops [04:56] <@Mr_Scotty> oh well [04:56] <@FabriqueAuMexique> lol, dumbass [04:56] <@FabriqueAuMexique> It's okay, though [04:57] <@Fernin> ending kinda comes out of nowhere... so much fail, followed by YAY! Success! [04:57] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Done!! [04:57] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Night, Tardis [04:57] <@TARDISman> Night all [04:57] * @TARDISman ( has left #MSLT3K [04:57] <@Fernin> yep, night Tardis [04:57] <+Ghandi> very funny movie [04:58] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Yeah, very nice [04:58] <+Ghandi> but i have to step out of what i know to enjoy it [04:58] <@Fernin> I can't count the number of times I've watched that [04:58] <@Fernin> and it /still/ makes me laugh out loud [04:58] <+Ghandi> huge, huge plotholes [04:58] <+Ghandi> but its still great [04:58] <@Mr_Scotty> like whta ghandi? [04:59] <@Mr_Scotty> *what [04:59] <+Ghandi> Acors getting props, would never happen [04:59] <+Ghandi> There'd be a Props Crew Chief and Props crew for a show as big as that [04:59] <+Ghandi> SM and ASM doing the same jobs without delegating [04:59] <+Ghandi> would never hapen under a competent stage manager [05:00] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Aww [05:00] <@FabriqueAuMexique> You know what movie we should watch? [05:00] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Spinal Tap [05:00] <+Ghandi> ASM tossing away the book. Itcould happen, especially after that opening night debacle [05:00] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Hacker, have you seen Spinal Tap? [05:00] <@Mr_Scotty> no but ive heard stuff about it [05:01] <@Mr_Scotty> Its a documentary right? [05:01] <+Ghandi> Director there past end of the production, common practice is, once the show opens he's gone [05:01] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Then we /must/ watch it! [05:01] <+Ghandi> The Director moves onto the the next show [05:01] <+Ghandi> Stage Manager takes over and calls all cues and the show [05:01] <@Fernin> I think I'll make The Producers the next one I upload, after Yellow Submarine and Spinal Tap [05:01] <@Mr_Scotty> fig, its a documentary right? [05:01] <+Ghandi> Like I said, huge plot holes [05:01] <@FabriqueAuMexique> A rockumentary [05:01] <@Mr_Scotty> okay [05:01] <+Ghandi> Anyone in motion picture or a stage actor knows this as basics [05:01] <+Ghandi> But the common movie goer doesnt know it [05:02] <@FabriqueAuMexique> You just reminded me of something, Ghand [05:02] <@Fernin> I'd explain why Lloyd was there for that one production in Miami Beach, but he did it himself in the movie and Ghandi missed it then, so I'm just not gonna bother [05:02] <+Ghandi> Sms DO call the preshow and time-to-show [05:02] <@FabriqueAuMexique> I was watching the bonus features for some movie... Natural Born killers, I think, and the director was talking about how he met up with Nine Inch Nails, and how they were very good and made a song for the movie and everything [05:03] <@FabriqueAuMexique> But it's like... who the fuck did he meet? [05:03] <@FabriqueAuMexique> The Nine Inch Nails that makes the music is one person... [05:03] <+Ghandi> Well, they can be there, bu the director would have no authorityk, it'd fall to teh SM [05:03] <@Fernin> to put it bluntly, Ghandi, Lloyd was there to fuck the blonde [05:03] <@FabriqueAuMexique> I like how little time there was between One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and this [05:04] <@FabriqueAuMexique> We should keep doing them this rapidfire [05:04] <@Fernin> hehe, agreed [05:04] <+Ghandi> The SMs job is to call the show in the artistic way the director intended, even if he's there, he can make no calls and never be on headset to change the show during itsrun [05:04] <+Ghandi> I'm sure he was, but he'd have been doing that all through rehearsal :) [05:05] <+Ghandi> Like I said, I have to step out of hte protocol I know and is practiced to enjoy it, but its still funny [05:06] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Ooh, you know another movie we should put on the list? [05:07] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Not for immediately, but just on the list [05:07] <@FabriqueAuMexique> The Rutles [05:07] <+Ghandi> I'm glad I watched Noises Off [05:07] <+Ghandi> As a theater production it'd be awesome, but like now, I'd be criticisizing the hell out of it as a student of theater [05:08] <@Fernin> I think the theater production is the "Nothing On" show that they attempt to perform [05:09] <+Ghandi> Which is well choreographed between the actors, Stage Managers and Assistant Stage Managers [05:09] <+Ghandi> Watch Moon Over Buffalo, I dont know if its am vie [05:09] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Assistant! [05:09] <+Ghandi> but it has 6 entrances I think..? [05:09] <@FabriqueAuMexique> I was trying to figure the A in ASM [05:09] <+Ghandi> Much more complex than this movie [05:09] <+Ghandi> Assistant [05:09] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Heh, yeah [05:11] <+Ghandi> ASM's during a play are usually placed Stage Left and Stage Right [05:11] <+Ghandi> They give the Warning calls from the Stage Manager to sent actor's, cue,s etc. in. [05:11] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Yah-huh, I'm aware [05:12] <+Ghandi> For A Midsummer Night's Dream we had THREE ASMs [05:12] <+Ghandi> Shakespeare wasnt playing aroun [05:12] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Tolstoy said Shakespeare was a hack [05:12] <+Ghandi> The ASM in this movie was pretty much doing nothing. They could have fired her, and the SM [05:13] <+Ghandi> Midsummer is complex in a technical aspect, especially if you want more than simple entrances and exits [05:14] <+Ghandi> We also had one techie in the Pit, a floor below, for the entrances of the MEchanicals [05:15] <@FabriqueAuMexique> I remember they took us to see one of Shakespeare's hstorical plays in junior high at some point, don't remember which [05:15] <+Ghandi> He was prety much our 4th ASM [05:15] <@FabriqueAuMexique> I then remember reflecting on that later, and thinking "Why the fuck did they take Junior High kids to that?" [05:15] <+Ghandi> Puck? Romero? Othetho? :-P [05:16] <+Ghandi> I've seen YouTube productions of Fiddler on the Roof [05:16] <+Ghandi> highly dissappoiting and low tech [05:17] <@Fernin> now I'm curious to see the high school productions of Noises Off on youtube... [05:18] <+Ghandi> The tech sides of plays like that usualy haqve... probably 3:1 tech crew versuss cast [05:18] <+Ghandi> unless the help is totoally dumb, it will run smoothly [05:19] <+Ghandi> So... 6? Cast in the play in the play... 18 tech crew [05:19] <+Ghandi> Which including lighting, and sound, if any, will fill up fast [05:19] <+Ghandi> No set changes so the rest would be props or costume quick changers [05:20] <+Ghandi> Man, I really am a theater kid now [05:20] <+Ghandi> This would never happen outside of high school theater... or community theater [05:20] <@Fernin>, the stage production really is the same as the movie... at least at the beginning [05:20] <@Fernin> right down to having the "director" in the audience [05:21] <+Ghandi> You can count 5-6+ to build the 2 story set as well [05:21] <+Ghandi> The Lighting Designer, Costume Designer, and SEt Desginer, who never need to be on-set passed giving their designs off [05:22] <+Ghandi> Noises Off, the play, probably had about a set crew of 50, being a bit generous, and not counting actors [05:22] <@Fernin> this really can't be the same as the movie... they can't have a girl in her underwear for half of a high school production [05:22] <+Ghandi> Thye can for college :-P [05:22] <@Fernin> ...yet, the version on youtube /is/ a high school production