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Chrono Trigger OVA was the first anime OVA done by MSLT3K. The crew for this session consisted of Fernin, TARDISman, Ghandi, and LowEndLem.


[03:17] <@TARDISman> Alrighty then, go! [03:17] <@LowEndLem> I would like to say something before this gets too far in. [03:17] <@LowEndLem> I didn't actually enjoy this game [03:17] <@TARDISman> Crono in the background there! [03:18] <@TARDISman> And you shut your heathen mouth! XD [03:18] <@LowEndLem> I grabbed it for the DS after hearing every talk about it, and wasn't impressed in the least [03:18] <@TARDISman> Nuu!!! [03:18] <@LowEndLem> ....he needs a tissue [03:18] <@LowEndLem> what the sweet holy shit [03:18] <@Ghandi> Japanese creatures are weird [03:19] <@LowEndLem> heh. face smash! [03:19] <@TARDISman> Nuu! [03:19] <@Ghandi> speciasl shovel? [03:19] <@LowEndLem> a shovel? How can i resist! [03:19] <@TARDISman> Swing about wildly! [03:20] <@LowEndLem> quick, blame someone else for your failings! [03:20] <@TARDISman> Dammit Ghandi! [03:20] <@LowEndLem> .....What. [03:20] <@TARDISman> Johnny! [03:20] <@LowEndLem> motorcycleman? [03:20] <@TARDISman> You race him in the future [03:21] <@TARDISman> The robots are his fangirls [03:21] <@LowEndLem> alright. [03:21] <@LowEndLem> That's better than what I came up with. [03:22] <@TARDISman> What was your assumption? [03:22] <@LowEndLem> that I was high off my tits [03:22] <@TARDISman> Hahaha! [03:22] <@TARDISman> ...Oh god not the drinking contest [03:22] <@LowEndLem> a shovel! WHY [03:22] <@Fernin> epic boss battle music for the drinking contest [03:23] <@TARDISman> Why play the "Being carted off to jail?" [03:23] <@TARDISman> Turrrrrrrrrrrbo! [03:23] <@LowEndLem> hahaha [03:23] <@TARDISman> "This was totally worth destroying my friend's liver for!" [03:24] <@LowEndLem> who needs a liver [03:24] <@TARDISman> Oh dear god! [03:24] <@LowEndLem> holy ass, he shrank [03:24] <@TARDISman> ...I've had a piss like that... [03:24] <@TARDISman> Oh boy! [03:24] <@LowEndLem> dun dun dunnn [03:24] * @TARDISman is ready with excitement! [03:24] <@LowEndLem> oh god [03:24] <@LowEndLem> no [03:25] <@TARDISman> /YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!. [03:25] <@TARDISman> /YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!/ [03:25] <@LowEndLem> What the holy hell is going on? [03:26] <@LowEndLem> oh. That. [03:26] <@TARDISman> Gato's fuckin' PIIIIIIIIIIIISSED [03:26] <@Fernin> Gato's fuckin' broken [03:26] <@Fernin> ...again [03:27] <@LowEndLem> PIKACHUUUUUUU [03:27] <@TARDISman> Holy balls this is trippy even for me [03:28] <@LowEndLem> If I were high I'm sure I'd get this [03:28] <@LowEndLem> ghandi, come share! [03:28] <@TARDISman> That's not too likely [03:28] <@Fernin> it was actually made years after the game for a Japanese convention [03:29] <@TARDISman> Figured [03:29] <@TARDISman> EPIC BATTLE!!! [03:29] <@LowEndLem> FOOT! [03:30] <@LowEndLem> WHAT KIND OF KILLSWITCH IS THAT [03:30] <@Ghandi> this is... [03:30] <@TARDISman> Only the best killswitch ever! [03:31] <@LowEndLem> I don't have words for what I'm seeing [03:31] <@TARDISman> This is how the world will end Lem [03:31] <@LowEndLem> and the butthole surfers playing on my radio aren't helping any [03:32] <@LowEndLem> I don't even know what to say. [03:32] <@Fernin> you might if you'd actually played the game :P [03:32] <@Ghandi> I'm...speechless.... too [03:32] <@Fernin> how far did you even get, Lem? [03:32] <@LowEndLem> No, I probably still wouldn't [03:32] <@LowEndLem> I dunno, it was a while ago [03:32] <@LowEndLem> It just bored me [03:32] <@TARDISman> I've lost count of how many times I played the game... still makes perfect sense to me [03:32] <@TARDISman> Its also damn funny [03:32] <@Fernin> the game was only released two years ago on the DS, that's hardly a long time [03:32] <@LowEndLem> just like editing the mslt3ks is. [03:33] <@LowEndLem> I also don't have a memory [03:33] <@Fernin> you clearly didn't get very far in and/or aren't a fan of turn based RPG's [03:33] <@TARDISman> Oh boy the link to another IRC! [03:33] <@LowEndLem> I know I couldn't have had it long, my DS broke pretty soon after i bought it [03:33] <@LowEndLem> I liked it, but the story just didn't appeal at all [03:33] <@LowEndLem> I feel like a bad nerd now [03:34] <@Fernin> as well you should [03:34] <@LowEndLem> Bah [03:34] <@TARDISman> Once you get past the trial it really picks up [03:34] <@Fernin> no other game on the SNES can make the claim of having 13 different endings based on the choices you make in game, nor does any other game have the level of time travel in it [03:34] <@LowEndLem> I still perfer Mass Effect and FFTA [03:35] <@Fernin> heh, a western RPG and a Tactics game... both quite different from a turn based JRPG [03:35] <@TARDISman> Its the closest thing to a Kingdom Hearts-esque crossover between Doctor Who and Final Fantasy [03:35] <@TARDISman> I can possibly hope for [03:35] <@LowEndLem> I also dislike FF7 [03:35] <@LowEndLem> Heartily. [03:35] * @LowEndLem just loves ruining his nerdcred [03:36] <@TARDISman> I mostly dislike the fanbase [03:36] <@TARDISman> Its a good game, but Sephiroth isn't /that/ good a villain, Cloud gets kinda annoying after a while and no matter what you do, Aeris dies and there's nothing you can do about it [03:37] <@TARDISman> Then again most people's argument for FFVII is how attractive Sephiroth allegedly is [03:37] <@LowEndLem>'s like Twilight? [03:37] <@TARDISman> Its the Twilight of the Final Fantasy series [03:38] <@TARDISman> That being said it still is a fantastic game [03:38] <@TARDISman> It was unbelievably innovative for its time, and the story was good, its just that people raise it to near messianic levels