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A Knight's Tale was the twenty-third movie done by MSLT3K. The crew for this session consisted of FigNewton, Fernin, UsaSatsui, Lottel, TARDISman, and Mr_Scotty.


[22:52] <@Bobashotmace> Okay, goo! [22:52] <@Mr_Scotty> no [22:52] <@Lottel> fuck hacker [22:52] <@Lottel> lezgo [22:52] <@UsaSatsui> Go load your dishes. [22:52] <@Mr_Scotty> Fine, I've seen this a million times [22:52] <@Mr_Scotty> just start you asses [22:52] <@Bobashotmace> We already did, hush up [22:52] <@Fernin> Hack, you could've been loading dishes during the hour when everyone was loading [22:52] <@Lottel> we did? [22:53] <@Bobashotmace> Umm, we should have [22:53] <@UsaSatsui> [22:53] <Bobashotmace> Okay, goo! [22:53] <@Bobashotmace> We start when I say "Goo" [22:53] <@Fernin> when Fig says Go (or any variation thereof), we start [22:53] <@Lottel> ooooh. [22:54] <@UsaSatsui> Hmm. Redhead flips out moment #1 [22:55] <@Lottel> When does Martin Lawerence show up? [22:55] <@Lottel> :D [22:55] <@Fernin> Anachronism: The Movie [22:55] <@UsaSatsui> I knew this song was old. But I didn't know it was this old. [22:56] <@UsaSatsui> I think the anachronism worked well in this movie. [22:56] <@Fernin> heh, definitely [22:56] <@Lottel> Naked guuuuys [22:56] <@UsaSatsui> "Mutton! Get yer mutton!" [22:56] <@TARDISman> When? [22:56] <@UsaSatsui> That noble guy looks familiar. [22:57] <@UsaSatsui> "The electric trumpet was invented in the late 12th century [22:57] <@Lottel> I don't believe I've seen this before [22:57] <@Mr_Scotty> My brother didn't have the dishes unloaded during the hour we were loading fern. [22:57] <@Mr_Scotty> Time? [22:58] <@Lottel> Time for you to hush [22:58] <@TARDISman> Awwwww [22:58] <@UsaSatsui> "Yes, you know how to score, but the people watching don't" [22:58] <@Mr_Scotty> What time are you guys on/ [22:58] <@Fernin> just start with part 2, Hack, we're nearly there [23:00] <@UsaSatsui> So that knight guy died for a feather? [23:00] <@Lottel> Made of gold [23:01] <@UsaSatsui> Was it? [23:01] <@Lottel> yeah [23:01] <@UsaSatsui> Still. [23:01] <@Lottel> Gooooooooooold [23:02] <@Bobashotmace> Ready? [23:02] <@Fernin> ready [23:02] <@TARDISman> Ready [23:02] <@UsaSatsui> ready [23:02] <@Lottel> aye [23:02] <@Bobashotmace> Hack? [23:02] <@UsaSatsui> Should we hold for Tardis? [23:02] <@TARDISman> I'm ready! [23:02] <@Mr_Scotty> ready [23:02] <@Bobashotmace> [21:02:24] <@TARDISman> Ready [23:02] <@Bobashotmace> Goo! [23:03] <@TARDISman> He can do a SMAAAAAAAAAAAAAASH attack [23:03] <@Fernin> that plan is Producers-level crazy [23:03] <@UsaSatsui> Ike, Marth, and William. [23:04] <@Fernin> Marth put on a lot of weight [23:04] <@TARDISman> And a beard [23:04] <@UsaSatsui> Redhead flipout moment #2 [23:04] <@TARDISman> Steve the pirate bites people [23:04] <@UsaSatsui> This movie fosters negative stereotypes [23:05] <@Fernin> ew, kissing an unbathed fat man [23:05] <@UsaSatsui> Ah, ZZ Top. More guys with beards. [23:05] <@TARDISman> Hooray for fail montages [23:05] <@Lottel> point to me a male redhead that isn't batshit insane [23:05] <@Fernin> why Lowrider for the training montage? [23:06] <@UsaSatsui> Stereotypes have some truth to them. [23:06] <@Fernin> isn't something inspiring generally more suitable? [23:06] <@UsaSatsui> Because they're another band from the early medieval period? [23:06] <@UsaSatsui> And #3 [23:06] <@TARDISman> Fail montage! [23:07] <@TARDISman> ...Are those bubbles supposed to stop? [23:07] <@Fernin> helluva deep river for being so narrow [23:07] <@Mr_Scotty> And one montage later he has a haircut [23:07] <@UsaSatsui> You can drown in 6 inches of water. [23:08] <@Mr_Scotty> It's my turn, it's my turn" [23:08] <@TARDISman> Aaaaaaaaaand time for Geoffrey Chaucer's ass [23:08] <@Fernin> and Chaucer rolls over in his grave [23:08] <@UsaSatsui> ...leave it to the random naked guy to break up a conversation [23:08] <@TARDISman> "Won not April with its shure sota [23:08] <@TARDISman> The drought of March hath pierced to the roate [23:08] <@TARDISman> ...I can't remember the rest [23:08] <@UsaSatsui> Good [23:09] <@Mr_Scotty> and my moms calles [23:09] <@Mr_Scotty> calls [23:09] <@TARDISman> Dude they can't read [23:09] <@Mr_Scotty> Yup [23:09] <@Fernin> huh, he got naked in another role he played, Silas the assassin guy in Da Vinci Code [23:09] <@UsaSatsui> She doesn't want you watching naked people on the internet. [23:09] <@Fernin> guy must like getting naked in films... [23:09] <@Lottel> :D [23:09] <@TARDISman> It is Paul Bettany [23:10] <@Mr_Scotty> Neither does your wife but that doesnt stop you, Usa. [23:10] <@UsaSatsui> heh [23:10] <@TARDISman> Only other thing I can remember him in is this crappy tennis movie [23:10] <@Mr_Scotty> SCHWING [23:10] <@UsaSatsui> ...naked people shouldn't really have such a smart mouth. [23:10] <@Mr_Scotty> heh [23:11] <@UsaSatsui> I think William won that sword-waving contest. [23:11] <@Mr_Scotty> ... [23:11] <@TARDISman> Ba. Dum. Tsh [23:11] <@TARDISman> . [23:11] <@Lottel> HAHA BECAUSE PENIS [23:11] <@Mr_Scotty> He wants to *ride* the horse? [23:11] <@Mr_Scotty> I love this p[art [23:11] <@Mr_Scotty> *part [23:12] <@UsaSatsui> "Hey, redhead, scare the shit out of that guy" "Okay!" [23:12] <@Mr_Scotty> "pain....Lots of pain" [23:12] <@TARDISman> Hooray for writers [23:12] <@UsaSatsui> Always pays to have a bullshit artist on your payroll. [23:12] <@Bobashotmace> Hooray for writers [23:13] <@Bobashotmace> Ready? [23:13] <@Fernin> ready [23:13] <@UsaSatsui> I need a pause [23:13] <@Mr_Scotty> I have to wonder wether or not they actually drew those things when they made them [23:13] <@Lottel> Chicken! [23:13] <@Mr_Scotty> back then [23:13] <@TARDISman> To quote Lottel, Yerg [23:13] <@Fernin> drew what things, Hack? [23:14] <@UsaSatsui> Okay [23:14] <@UsaSatsui> ready [23:14] <@Mr_Scotty> The art around the patents [23:14] <@Lottel> you are fucking stupid [23:14] <@Mr_Scotty> ready [23:14] <@Bobashotmace> Okay [23:14] <@Bobashotmace> Goo! [23:15] <@Mr_Scotty> You know what, we didnt even get medival times in my history class last year [23:15] <@TARDISman> Foreshadowing! [23:15] <@Mr_Scotty> Damn teacher didnt stick to the curriculum [23:15] <@Mr_Scotty> she made us watch movies all day [23:15] <@Mr_Scotty> And no fern we didnt have a book [23:16] <@UsaSatsui> ...and let's start drawing attention to ourselves [23:16] <@Lottel> SHhhhhh [23:16] <@UsaSatsui> This movie does also destroy stereotypes. [23:16] <@UsaSatsui> Like the ones that princesses are beautiful. [23:17] <@Mr_Scotty> nice... [23:17] <@TARDISman> Ba zing at the actress playing the princess [23:17] <@Lottel> ba zing? [23:17] <@UsaSatsui> Not her so much as her hairstylist. [23:17] <@TARDISman> Oh jeez [23:17] <@TARDISman> "Why so serious?!" [23:18] <@UsaSatsui> Heh. [23:18] <@UsaSatsui> Spoiler: Her hair never looks as nice as it does right now [23:18] <@TARDISman> ...great... [23:18] <@Lottel> high five! [23:18] <@TARDISman> Sarcasm fail [23:19] <@Lottel> She left him hanging D: [23:19] <@Lottel> What a bitch [23:19] <@Lottel> You NEVER leave a priest hanging [23:19] * @TARDISman sings in latin [23:19] <@Mr_Scotty> She doesn't look bad Usa [23:19] <@TARDISman> "I am going for a cold shower!" [23:19] <@UsaSatsui> She's the least pretty female in this movie. [23:19] <@Mr_Scotty> There's worse [23:20] <@UsaSatsui> That includes some of the horses. [23:20] <@Mr_Scotty> Usa your just being a dick right now [23:20] <@TARDISman> Not a dick, just judgmental [23:20] <@TARDISman> More Chaucer ass [23:20] <@Mr_Scotty> How is he cant lift his arm,, but later the gambling addict lifts it at the end of the sword match [23:21] <@UsaSatsui> More gratutious nudity [23:21] <@TARDISman> The pardoner! [23:21] <@Lottel> :D [23:21] <@UsaSatsui> There's 4. [23:21] <@UsaSatsui> But he does deserve that one [23:21] <@TARDISman> Yet another Chaucer ref [23:21] <@Mr_Scotty> There's your gay orgy you were waiting for usa [23:22] <@UsaSatsui> If you think taking random shots at me is funny, you're wrong [23:22] <@Lottel> WHERE IS MARTIN LAWERENCE?! [23:22] <@Mr_Scotty> NIce save there [23:22] <@Mr_Scotty> With the will thing [23:22] <@Lottel> He's gonna turn this world upside down [23:23] <@TARDISman> "Ok so what're the ru-HOLY SHIT!" [23:23] <@Lottel> Because he is black and noisy [23:23] <@UsaSatsui> My turn, bitch [23:23] <@TARDISman> Go Little Mac on his ass! [23:23] <@UsaSatsui> Final smash! [23:23] <@Fernin> you're doing it wrong, you're supposed to cut and slash, draw some blood [23:24] <@Mr_Scotty> Did you know the thing were the one guy starts the "Yeah" thing was an accident [23:24] <@Lottel> clap! [23:24] <@TARDISman> Bahaha, turpulance [23:24] <@Lottel> clap [23:24] <@Lottel> clap [23:24] <@Bobashotmace> Ready-o? [23:24] <@TARDISman> Ready [23:24] <@Fernin> ready [23:24] <@Mr_Scotty> nobody knew they were supposed to scream it [23:24] <@Lottel> freddy! [23:24] <@UsaSatsui> Okay, the person who cut apart this movie did a piss poor job. [23:24] <@Mr_Scotty> Need a minute [23:25] <@UsaSatsui> Chaucer - Bringing WWF into jousting. [23:25] <@Fernin> it's better than the Phantom I was looking through earlier, the guy cut apart songs [23:27] <@Mr_Scotty> You can either wait 5 minutes for me or go on [23:27] <@Mr_Scotty> I dont care [23:28] <@Mr_Scotty> well 5 to 10 [23:28] <@Bobashotmace> Go on? [23:28] <@TARDISman> Sure why not [23:28] <@Bobashotmace> Goo! [23:29] <@Fernin> hate this song >< [23:29] <@UsaSatsui> No new crap [23:29] <@UsaSatsui> Play Takin Care of business, right now! [23:30] <@UsaSatsui> Workin overtime! [23:30] <@TARDISman> "DO YOU WANNA TOUCH HIM?! [23:30] <@UsaSatsui> Damn straight [23:31] <@TARDISman> A woman?! She can't do anything in this time period! [23:31] <@Lottel> she works better on her back! [23:31] <@UsaSatsui> I need armor fixed, not a baby! [23:31] <@TARDISman> Damn that lance went /flying/ [23:32] <@UsaSatsui> ...oooo [23:32] <@Lottel> best hat ever? [23:32] <@Lottel> or best hat ever? [23:32] <@UsaSatsui> I think I'm a bit behind [23:32] <@UsaSatsui> The hair is taking over. [23:32] <@UsaSatsui> It's forcing poor hat choices [23:32] <@Fernin> what was that about stereotypes again? [23:32] <@TARDISman> Fugly knight man [23:32] <@Mr_Scotty> What time [23:32] <@Lottel> SMOOOCJ [23:33] <@Fernin> Adamar certainly seems to be the "privileged, spoiled douchebag" type [23:33] <@UsaSatsui> All he's missing is the goatee. [23:33] <@TARDISman> "You're a woman so you probably don't know anything..." [23:33] <@Mr_Scotty> Woman [23:33] <@UsaSatsui> Exposition for the people at home. [23:33] <@Mr_Scotty> Time pleas? [23:33] <@Mr_Scotty> Please* [23:33] <@Lottel> 1033 [23:33] <@Lottel> central [23:33] <@TARDISman> Oh snap! [23:33] <@UsaSatsui> 5:00 [23:33] <@Mr_Scotty> Video time damnit [23:34] <@TARDISman> "Dude I'm trying to hit on this woman" [23:34] <@Lottel> BAAAAAAW [23:34] <@UsaSatsui> Ooooo, snap! [23:34] <@Mr_Scotty> your armor" "what about it" "it's old as shit" [23:35] <@TARDISman> I am Heath-fuckin-Ledger, go eat shit! [23:35] <@TARDISman> My lords... my ladies... eunuchs, and peasants! [23:35] <@Mr_Scotty> And now for the long ass intro [23:35] <@TARDISman> Fuck. Yes. [23:36] <@UsaSatsui> Finally...The Chauch...HAS COME Avangon! [23:36] <@Lottel> I love this Chaucer character [23:36] <@Mr_Scotty> "equal? the fuck?" [23:36] <@Mr_Scotty> What's the red heads name [23:36] <@UsaSatsui> Facepalm [23:36] <@TARDISman> Steve the Pirate [23:36] <@TARDISman> Hoban Wash, take your pick [23:36] <@TARDISman> Crazy ass Redhead as Usa calls him [23:37] <@Mr_Scotty> helmet palm! [23:37] <@UsaSatsui> Angry Redhead [23:37] <@UsaSatsui> Boo the turks! [23:37] <@TARDISman> Semibadass longcoat [23:37] <@UsaSatsui> That wasn't overblown at all. [23:37] <@Mr_Scotty> Oh his names Wat [23:38] <@Fernin> "I'll be here all week! Try the mutton!" [23:38] <@Bobashotmace> Read-o? [23:38] <@TARDISman> Tip your wenches! [23:38] <@TARDISman> Ready [23:38] <@Fernin> ready [23:38] <@Lottel> TIP THEM OVER! [23:38] <@Lottel> BAHAHAHA [23:38] <@UsaSatsui> Um, I'm not done yet [23:38] <@UsaSatsui> There it goes [23:38] <@Mr_Scotty> Ready [23:38] <@Fernin> then you should be more watchful for the Go ;) [23:38] <@UsaSatsui> hold one sec [23:39] <@UsaSatsui> Okay [23:39] <@Bobashotmace> Goo! [23:40] <@Lottel> :D [23:41] <@Mr_Scotty> Prince edward [23:41] <@UsaSatsui> Not yet. [23:41] <@Mr_Scotty> He is though isn't he [23:41] <@TARDISman> He's a madman [23:41] <@Mr_Scotty> Same armor an shit [23:41] * @TARDISman plays the fanfare [23:41] <@UsaSatsui> ... [23:42] <@TARDISman> Pffft, mercy, in the middle ages too [23:42] <@UsaSatsui> Mercy is for the weak [23:42] <@UsaSatsui> Mercy does not exist in this dojo! [23:42] <@TARDISman> NO SENSEI! [23:42] <@UsaSatsui> Strike first strike hard no mercy SIR! [23:42] <@TARDISman> Sweep the leg [23:42] <@TARDISman> Do you have a /PROBLEM/ with that? [23:43] <@Mr_Scotty> Okay not trying to sound like a homo. But being in a big tent with enough room with people is fun [23:43] <@Mr_Scotty> I love camping [23:43] <@UsaSatsui> I think that servant is a lot cuter than Josalyn. [23:43] <@TARDISman> Camping is fun, then again I haven't done it since I was 11 [23:43] <@UsaSatsui> Actually Josalyn is kind of cute in this scene too [23:44] <@Bobashotmace> Mrs. Von Lichtenstein [23:44] <@Mr_Scotty> Who hasn't seen this [23:44] <@TARDISman> He looks like he's got a pinecone up his ass [23:44] <@UsaSatsui> Lottel hasn't [23:44] <@Mr_Scotty> Damn [23:44] <@Lottel> nope [23:45] <@Mr_Scotty> Sorry for the spoiler back there [23:45] <@UsaSatsui> His horse is scary enough. [23:45] <@Fernin> extreme closeup [23:45] <@TARDISman> I forgot something... [23:45] <@UsaSatsui> JESUS! [23:45] <@TARDISman> I know! [23:45] <@Lottel> fist! [23:45] <@Lottel> :D [23:46] <@Lottel> That's awesome [23:46] <@TARDISman> Love the fist [23:46] <@Lottel> stupid hat, once again [23:46] <@UsaSatsui> That's where the hair starts to take over [23:46] <@TARDISman> On the... there's no way to end that without sounding stupid [23:46] <@Fernin> have to wonder what it is in her hair, since hairspray doesn't exist yet [23:46] <@Lottel> semen [23:46] <@Lottel> horse semen [23:46] <@Mr_Scotty> Damnit lottel [23:46] <@Mr_Scotty> I was gonna say semen [23:47] <@UsaSatsui> It looks like she stuck her finger in a light socket [23:47] <@Lottel> get faster [23:47] <@Lottel> or get lost [23:47] <@Mr_Scotty> Hey, your girlfriend said the same tihng [23:47] <@Lottel> ... [23:47] <@UsaSatsui> Hey, if they have electric trumpets and ZZ Top, why not hairspay? [23:47] <@Lottel> whaaaaaaat? [23:47] <@UsaSatsui> Okay, hacker, all those "Your mom" jokes do is make you sound stupid, and at worst just piss people off. [23:48] <@UsaSatsui> Comment on the fucking movie. [23:48] <@Lottel> ATATATATATATATATATATA [23:48] <@Lottel> FIST OF THE NORTH STAR! [23:48] <@TARDISman> Flashback! [23:48] <@Mr_Scotty> Hm... I thought he got knocked off here [23:48] <@Bobashotmace> Did I say something a second ago? [23:48] <@Bobashotmace> I don't recall [23:48] <@Fernin> Flashbacks, a common movie side effect of a concussion [23:48] <@Mr_Scotty> no [23:49] <@UsaSatsui> Shaddup, guy in stocks. [23:49] * @TARDISman kicks the guy in stocks on the head [23:49] <@Mr_Scotty> done [23:49] <@Bobashotmace> Ready-o-o? [23:49] <@TARDISman> Ready [23:49] <@Fernin> ready [23:49] <@UsaSatsui> And, another shitty cut [23:49] <@Mr_Scotty> ready [23:49] <@UsaSatsui> ready [23:50] <@Mr_Scotty> Lottel/ [23:50] <@Bobashotmace> Lottellio? [23:50] <@Lottel> They call me Ishmael [23:50] <@Bobashotmace> Ready-o? [23:50] <@TARDISman> Ishmael, you ready? [23:50] <@Lottel> yes [23:50] <@Bobashotmace> Goo! [23:50] <@Mr_Scotty> I thought they called you pickle fucker, lottel? [23:50] <@TARDISman> Does ulrich wear pantyhose? [23:50] <@UsaSatsui> Dude, he almost kicked your ass. [23:50] <@Lottel> redhead bite! [23:50] <@Mr_Scotty> Pwned [23:51] <@UsaSatsui> um, was that #6? [23:51] <@Mr_Scotty> Were on 6 [23:51] <@TARDISman> Nah, I think 5 [23:51] <@Mr_Scotty> We're* [23:51] <@UsaSatsui> Or #5. [23:51] <@Bobashotmace> I'm with Tardis [23:51] <@UsaSatsui> No, I meant Crazy Redhead Moment #6 [23:51] <@TARDISman> "Where am I?" [23:51] <@Mr_Scotty> Wat moment 6 [23:51] <@Mr_Scotty> that sounds about right [23:51] <@Lottel> Avanjew? [23:52] <@UsaSatsui> That beats the fuck out of a feather, gold or no [23:52] <@TARDISman> Hell yeah [23:52] <@Lottel> it's filled with chocolate! [23:52] <@Mr_Scotty> i would have stabbed him with that point [23:53] <@TARDISman> Hahaha! Foreshadowing IRL for. the. win. [23:53] <@UsaSatsui> See, that makes no sense to me. I'd participate in a few swords to get some money. Then go after the joust. [23:53] <@UsaSatsui> See, she's cute. [23:53] <@TARDISman> Yeah [23:54] <@Mr_Scotty> I think she looks better than Jocelyn [23:54] <@Lottel> I'd hammer her anvil [23:54] <@TARDISman> Hey-o! [23:54] <@Bobashotmace> I agree, but I don't think either's much of a prize [23:54] <@Mr_Scotty> i'd dip my hot metal in her bucket [23:54] <@Lottel> ... [23:54] <@Lottel> that's terrible [23:54] <@Mr_Scotty> He looks at the tent to make a tunic [23:54] <@UsaSatsui> Again, it's the servant there I'd go for. [23:54] <@UsaSatsui> It's the hair [23:55] <@Mr_Scotty> We all know red tunics are the best [23:55] <@Mr_Scotty> They can keep you cold in a volcano [23:55] <@Lottel> blue tunics [23:55] <@Lottel> waaaater [23:55] <@TARDISman> Green=Generic Crap [23:55] <@Bobashotmace> I haven't seen very many people learn to dance in movies [23:55] <@Bobashotmace> I promise [23:55] <@TARDISman> Same [23:55] <@Mr_Scotty> wat moment #7 [23:55] <@UsaSatsui> #7 [23:55] <@Lottel> :D [23:56] <@TARDISman> 8 [23:56] <@UsaSatsui> Heh [23:56] <@UsaSatsui> Of course she can. It's a girl thing. [23:56] <@TARDISman> I saw someone learn to dance at the dance itself in FFVIII [23:56] <@Mr_Scotty> Sexist [23:56] <@Lottel> and then they fuck [23:56] <@Mr_Scotty> We all know girls can cook but all not can dance [23:57] * @TARDISman has Waltz of the Moon stuck in his head now [23:57] <@TARDISman> Watch out she's going Super Saiyan! [23:57] <@Fernin> and the hair's gone feral [23:57] <@Lottel> Waltz of the Darkside of the Moon [23:57] <@Lottel> THAT IS ANACHRONISTIC [23:57] <@UsaSatsui> "You" [23:57] <@Mr_Scotty> "you the bible" [23:57] <@Lottel> OLD AND DUSTY! [23:58] <@UsaSatsui> "You remind me of...medusa" [23:58] <@Lottel> FILLED WITH BLOODY PEOPLE AND SODOMY [23:58] <@TARDISman> The early parts of the bible where God was punishing mankind [23:58] <@Bobashotmace> ? [23:58] <@TARDISman> That. was. terrible. [23:58] <@Mr_Scotty> That was a bad cut [23:58] <@UsaSatsui> The hair really does just get worse from there [23:58] <@TARDISman> Ready [23:58] <@Mr_Scotty> Same [23:58] <@Fernin> ready [23:59] <@Lottel> yerp [23:59] <@UsaSatsui> ready [23:59] <@Bobashotmace> Goo! [23:59] <@Mr_Scotty> my brother just said "I am luke skywalker, I am your father" [23:59] <@Mr_Scotty> Should i hit him [23:59] <@UsaSatsui> That guy is overly flamboyant [23:59] <@TARDISman> Gelderland! Home of the chicken dance [23:59] <@UsaSatsui> hah! [23:59] <@Lottel> shhhh hacker [23:59] <@Lottel> movie Session Time: Wed Feb 24 00:00:00 2010 [00:00] <@Lottel> THRILLA! THRILLA! THRILLLAA! [00:00] <@UsaSatsui> "Wow, I really fucking hope nobody here is really from Gelderland. [00:00] <@TARDISman> Cause this is thriller! [00:00] <@Fernin> "Shit, didn't think I'd have to improvise" [00:00] <@UsaSatsui> "Wow, I really fucking hope nobody realizes Gelderland doesn't exist or something" [00:00] * @TARDISman does the dance variation he learned in FMB [00:00] <@Fernin> suddenly reminds me of Black Knight [00:00] <@Lottel> then Snorkel! [00:00] <@UsaSatsui> Is this an actual song, or something? [00:00] <@Lottel> now swim! [00:01] <@Lottel> swim! [00:01] <@UsaSatsui> Cue Bowie. [00:01] <@TARDISman> Random anochronistic dancing? [00:01] <@Lottel> now do that knee thing [00:01] * @TARDISman is waiting for the opening bassline to Under Pressure [00:01] <@UsaSatsui> But it's the pelvic thrusts that really drive you insayayayane [00:01] <@Bobashotmace> lol David Bowie [00:01] <@UsaSatsui> Fig have you seen this before? [00:02] <@Lottel> Then everyone loses their shirts [00:02] <@Lottel> and that's where our story gets REALLY fun! [00:02] <@UsaSatsui> Dance magic dance! [00:02] <@Bobashotmace> I have, on TV, a few years ago [00:02] <@Lottel> :D [00:02] <@UsaSatsui> You remind me of the babe! [00:02] <@TARDISman> Bahahaha, Labyrinth [00:02] <@TARDISman> What babe? [00:02] <@Lottel> Watched Labyrinth 11 times with weekend! [00:02] <@TARDISman> I can't remember the rest [00:02] <@TARDISman> But my band teacher was a huge fan of that [00:02] <@UsaSatsui> I need to see that again one of thse days [00:02] <@Lottel> :D [00:02] <@Lottel> We watched it at work. Over and over and over [00:03] <@TARDISman> Next one! [00:03] <@UsaSatsui> Oh, that is the worst product placement EVER. [00:03] <@TARDISman> You haven't seen I, Robot then [00:03] <@TARDISman> "Converse, 2004 model" [00:03] <@UsaSatsui> Nike Jousting Armor. [00:04] <@TARDISman> Joust Do It [00:04] * @TARDISman feels horrible for that one [00:04] <@UsaSatsui> ......HAH! [00:04] <@UsaSatsui> This part also makes me laugh [00:04] <@Lottel> no helmet? [00:04] <@TARDISman> Heath. Fuckin'. Ledger! [00:04] <@UsaSatsui> "Ha ha ha, look at, holy shit, he just hopped right up there" [00:04] <@TARDISman> Whup, nevermind [00:04] <@Lottel> :D [00:05] <@UsaSatsui> Now the squires are getting in on the bullshit train? [00:05] <@Lottel> :D [00:05] <@Lottel> No shit? [00:05] <@Mr_Scotty> Woo free horse [00:05] <@UsaSatsui> Fix! He took a fall! [00:05] <@TARDISman> Woo, badly hurt horse [00:05] <@UsaSatsui> Or a dive, rather! [00:05] <@TARDISman> Or not [00:05] <@Lottel> now they have to shoot the horse [00:05] <@Lottel> and the knight [00:05] <@Mr_Scotty> bad hat [00:05] <@TARDISman> My god its like Queen Amidala [00:05] <@Bobashotmace> :D [00:05] <@UsaSatsui> YOURE DOING IT WRONG! [00:05] <@Mr_Scotty> What manhood? [00:05] <@Lottel> DEFENDING OF HIS ENORMOUS MANHOOD! [00:06] <@UsaSatsui> To heck with Italian virginity [00:06] <@Mr_Scotty> Told you colville was edward [00:07] <@UsaSatsui> like I pay attention to the names of the chumps earlier. [00:07] <@Lottel> I love the half mask thing [00:07] <@Lottel> that's nice [00:07] <@TARDISman> It is pretty badass [00:07] <@Mr_Scotty> Fucking announcer [00:08] <@UsaSatsui> "Then it's a good thing I didn't kill him earlier" [00:08] <@TARDISman> Screw the rules, I want money [00:08] <@UsaSatsui> "Oh yeah!" [00:08] <@TARDISman> ! [00:08] <@Lottel> he got a head start. he is cheating [00:08] <@Fernin> No fair, he got a head start! [00:08] <@Lottel> :D [00:08] <@Lottel> You owe me a soda [00:08] <@Mr_Scotty> heh i was thinking the same thing [00:08] <@UsaSatsui> Facing Heath Ledger, he does endanger himself. [00:09] <@Bobashotmace> Ready? [00:09] <@UsaSatsui> BULLSHIT! [00:09] <@TARDISman> Be right back, need power cable [00:09] <@Mr_Scotty> yeah [00:09] <@Fernin> ready [00:09] <@Mr_Scotty> I may call it a night soon [00:09] <@Mr_Scotty> or maybe i should call it a knight :D [00:09] * @Mr_Scotty sits in the corner [00:09] <@Lottel> no [00:10] <@Bobashotmace> You know [00:10] <@UsaSatsui> I'll be ready but wait for Tardis still. [00:10] <@UsaSatsui> Gah, cough [00:10] <@Bobashotmace> I had an in depth conversation with a Romanian about the expression call it a day, but call it a night never came up [00:10] <@Bobashotmace> We-ird [00:10] <@TARDISman> Ready [00:10] <@Bobashotmace> Umm, are we all ready? [00:11] <@Lottel> suuuure [00:11] <@Mr_Scotty> yesw [00:11] <@UsaSatsui> ayup [00:11] <@Fernin> yep [00:11] <@Bobashotmace> I'm sorry, I /cleared, I don't know where my head is [00:11] <@Bobashotmace> Goo! [00:11] <@Lottel> blackface! [00:11] <@UsaSatsui> For having the balls to joust against Prince win! [00:11] <@TARDISman> Indeed [00:12] <@UsaSatsui> o_O [00:12] <@Lottel> ... [00:12] <@TARDISman> Now heath ledger's getting naked? [00:12] <@UsaSatsui> ...dude, she wants to bone you. Pay some attention. [00:12] <@TARDISman> Its like Squall and Quistis [00:12] <@Bobashotmace> Silly girl! [00:12] <@Lottel> why is he angry? [00:12] <@TARDISman> Its called a lance... hello? [00:13] <@UsaSatsui> Why, thank you, Wat. [00:13] <@Lottel> didn't he want to beat they guy to fuck the girl? [00:13] <@Lottel> Heath Ledger is craaaazy [00:13] <@UsaSatsui> He didn't beat the guy [00:13] <@Lottel> but he could still fuck the girl [00:13] <@UsaSatsui> Yeah, well, he's crazy [00:13] <@Lottel> maybe he wants to fuck the guy and beat the girl [00:13] <@Lottel> well, he WAS crazy [00:14] <@UsaSatsui> "Bring me ye sports page, page!" [00:14] <@TARDISman> I lost! Stupid page! [00:15] <@Mr_Scotty> Her breasts aren't even medium [00:15] <@TARDISman> I miss her breasts [00:15] <@Lottel> I say that to my lady all the time [00:15] <@Mr_Scotty> b cup at best [00:15] <@UsaSatsui> Don't look at her hair. [00:15] <@TARDISman> They're still breasts [00:15] <@Bobashotmace> I miss her breasts [00:15] <@UsaSatsui> Oooo, Blacksmith Girl gets a dig [00:15] <@Mr_Scotty> wat's getting turned on by this [00:16] <@UsaSatsui> that the Princess Leia look? [00:16] <@Mr_Scotty> I know huh [00:16] <@TARDISman> Wow [00:16] <@UsaSatsui> It's hard to tell [00:16] <@Lottel> does that make Heath her brother? [00:16] <@Lottel> Kinky [00:17] <@Mr_Scotty> nope, leia didn't have the hair on the side hanging down [00:17] <@Lottel> and then they fucked [00:17] <@Mr_Scotty> That's his semen-toewel [00:17] <@Mr_Scotty> *towel [00:17] <@Lottel> panties! [00:18] <@TARDISman> I was about to say that Lot [00:18] <@Mr_Scotty> She wants Wat. She doesnt give a damn about Will [00:18] <@Lottel> flannel? [00:18] <@Lottel> GRUNGEY REDHEAD! [00:18] <@Lottel> PAAANTIES! [00:19] <@Lottel> a kiss? [00:19] <@TARDISman> ...Her virginity [00:19] <@Mr_Scotty> yup [00:19] <@UsaSatsui> "I'll give you the other gift later on when nobody else is around..." [00:19] <@Mr_Scotty> Heath. Fucking. Ledger IS NOT A HOMO [00:19] <@Lottel> ANAL [00:20] <@Mr_Scotty> He's not steady in his own pub [00:20] <@Lottel> French legs are unsteady on ANY soil! [00:20] <@Lottel> :D [00:20] <@TARDISman> That's right, give the psycho alcohol [00:20] <@Bobashotmace> Hah [00:20] <@Bobashotmace> Silly French [00:20] <@Mr_Scotty> JESUS FTW [00:21] <@TARDISman> Sloppy cut [00:21] <@Bobashotmace> Ready? [00:21] <@UsaSatsui> research failure? [00:21] <@TARDISman> Ready [00:21] <@Fernin> ready [00:21] <@Lottel> yeraadasdas [00:21] <@UsaSatsui> Jesus is some Mexican guy [00:21] <@Mr_Scotty> ready [00:21] <@UsaSatsui> ready [00:21] <@Bobashotmace> Goo! [00:21] <@Mr_Scotty> Gelderland [00:21] <@Mr_Scotty> Gelderland [00:21] <@Mr_Scotty> Gelderland [00:21] <@TARDISman> Wait, what? [00:22] <@TARDISman> That was Stars and Stripes Forever... [00:22] <@TARDISman> The bane of my existnce [00:22] <@UsaSatsui> Another church [00:22] <@TARDISman> existence [00:22] <@Mr_Scotty> dip [00:22] <@UsaSatsui> ...the same church? [00:22] <@Mr_Scotty> Most likel y [00:22] <@Fernin> maybe the same sound stage, but I don't think they moved that church from England to Paris, Hack [00:23] <@Mr_Scotty> Thats what i meant ] [00:23] <@UsaSatsui> That first church was in France too, had to be. [00:23] <@UsaSatsui> You just compared your lady to a horse's ass. [00:23] <@Lottel> :D [00:23] <@UsaSatsui> And he's digging a deeper hole. [00:24] <@Mr_Scotty> The whole set for this took up quite a large space [00:24] <@Lottel> :D [00:24] <@Lottel> WANTS IT [00:24] <@TARDISman> Oh jeeze [00:24] <@Lottel> WANTS IT NOW [00:24] <@Mr_Scotty> And the lances used in this were hollow and filled with splinters [00:24] <@UsaSatsui> Um, actual jousting lances were hollow. [00:24] <@UsaSatsui> They were designed to break on contact, to, you know, not be fatal. [00:24] <@Mr_Scotty> I watched the film making thing on the special features [00:25] <@Mr_Scotty> How sure are you on that Usa? [00:25] <@UsaSatsui> Good for you. [00:25] <@Mr_Scotty> Not trying to challenge you [00:25] <@Mr_Scotty> Just wondering how you knew [00:25] <@Mr_Scotty> Heath ledger sneer! [00:25] <@UsaSatsui> Tournament jousting lances were designed to break. I know this shit. [00:25] <@Mr_Scotty> How though [00:26] <@Fernin> it's called learning, Hack [00:26] <@Fernin> research [00:26] <@Bobashotmace> I just can't get over "Thuh only" [00:26] <@TARDISman> GOD I'M GOOD! [00:26] <@UsaSatsui> I picked it up somewhere. [00:26] <@Mr_Scotty> okay [00:26] <@UsaSatsui> I'm into this shit [00:26] <@Lottel> aaaugh. MEdicine is wearing off [00:26] <@Mr_Scotty> Karma lottel, Karma [00:27] <@Lottel> karma chameleons [00:27] <@Mr_Scotty> Wat moment 9 [00:27] <@UsaSatsui> Wat points at the chick there. "This is your fault!" [00:28] <@Mr_Scotty> Girl you really got me would have worked here [00:28] <@UsaSatsui> Auto-flags! [00:28] <@TARDISman> She is still clutching that pole! [00:28] <@Lottel> :D [00:28] <@Mr_Scotty> heh [00:28] <@UsaSatsui> The crowd must be pissed off there. [00:28] <@TARDISman> 10 [00:28] <@UsaSatsui> Is it 10, I completely lost count [00:29] <@TARDISman> I think so [00:29] <@TARDISman> You can count the whole bar scene as 1 [00:29] <@Mr_Scotty> Usa, you have one of those don't you? [00:30] <@Mr_Scotty> Bitch slap. [00:30] <@Lottel> RAPE HER ASS [00:30] <@Mr_Scotty> From a bitch this time [00:30] <@Mr_Scotty> Oh how i hate her [00:30] <@Mr_Scotty> I love that line [00:30] <@UsaSatsui> "Oh, awesome, I'm against Orick, he's losing on purpo...HOLY SHIT!" [00:30] <@Mr_Scotty> OLrick [00:30] <@TARDISman> Ulrich [00:31] <@UsaSatsui> Who cares? [00:31] <@Lottel> ... [00:31] <@Mr_Scotty> i do [00:31] <@Bobashotmace> R? [00:31] <@Lottel> Ok Oosah [00:31] <@UsaSatsui> "Women, eh?" *glareofdoom* [00:31] <@Fernin> ready [00:31] <@TARDISman> Ready [00:31] <@Lottel> ready [00:31] <@UsaSatsui> Red E [00:32] <@Mr_Scotty> eredy \s [00:32] <@Bobashotmace> Goo! [00:32] <@Mr_Scotty> I GOT IT [00:32] <@Mr_Scotty> I GOT IT!!!! [00:32] <@UsaSatsui> Awesome, a souvenir! [00:32] <@UsaSatsui> Can you get him to sign it? [00:33] <@TARDISman> Or in this case his publicist [00:33] <@Mr_Scotty> "Shit I hope nobody sees me" [00:33] <@TARDISman> She dresses like a harlot! [00:33] <@UsaSatsui> Awkward romance scene. Time to check the forums. [00:33] <@Lottel> her breasts! [00:34] <@UsaSatsui> on her chest [00:34] <@Mr_Scotty> ... [00:34] <@Mr_Scotty> heh [00:34] <@TARDISman> ...BOOBIES! [00:34] <@Lottel> nooo [00:34] <@Mr_Scotty> WHERE?!?! [00:34] <@UsaSatsui> Nice perm. [00:34] <@Lottel> we missed you. [00:35] <@Lottel> her and her breasts [00:35] * @TARDISman thwacks himself on the head [00:35] <@TARDISman> Sorry [00:35] <@Mr_Scotty> SHe wants to fuck him and he's talking about his dad [00:35] <@UsaSatsui> Yeah. This pain is your doing. [00:35] <@UsaSatsui> Suck it and make it better. [00:36] <@Mr_Scotty> And then I fingered her [00:36] <@Mr_Scotty> Well it wasn't in a tent [00:36] <@Mr_Scotty> But still [00:36] <@UsaSatsui> This part I never got. Are they supposed to be crossing the English channel on a boat attached to a chain? [00:36] <@Mr_Scotty> No joke [00:37] <@TARDISman> Hot damn, I'll love knocking your teeth out [00:38] <@UsaSatsui> "You sure this isn't a girl?" [00:38] <@Lottel> ... [00:38] <@UsaSatsui> STRANGER DANGER! [00:38] <@TARDISman> You ever seen a grown man naked Timmy? [00:39] <@UsaSatsui> Pedobear approves? [00:39] <@TARDISman> "Wat! Stop trying to eat the horse! [00:39] <@Lottel> noooo [00:39] <@Lottel> it'd be shotacat [00:39] <@Fernin> follow your feet and you tend to just go in a straight line [00:39] <@UsaSatsui> You should be ashamed you knew that [00:39] <@UsaSatsui> Follow your feet right into the Channel [00:39] <@Mr_Scotty> Unless you're off balance [00:40] <@TARDISman> Time for KISS [00:40] <@Mr_Scotty> In which case you just trip [00:40] <@Lottel> after this, I am getting more medicine. Because OOOOOW [00:40] <@Mr_Scotty> What song is this? [00:40] <@TARDISman> Nevermind... [00:40] <@TARDISman> I thought it was KISS, my bad [00:40] <@Mr_Scotty> Rolon is so content with himself [00:40] <@TARDISman> "I'm carrying a shield!" [00:40] <@UsaSatsui> Woah, shouldn't have had that opium [00:41] <@Mr_Scotty> heh [00:41] <@UsaSatsui> Breasts! [00:41] <@Mr_Scotty> Show us yuh boobs! [00:42] <@Lottel> PILLS [00:42] <@Bobashotmace> ready? [00:42] <@Lottel> be right back [00:42] <@Bobashotmace> Good ol' painkillers [00:42] <@UsaSatsui> "Oh, he was being a doucheba...he's right behind me, isn't he?" [00:42] <@Lottel> heh back [00:42] <@Fernin> ready when Lottel is [00:42] <@Lottel> made a funny [00:42] <@TARDISman> Ready [00:42] <@UsaSatsui> ready [00:42] <@Bobashotmace> Hack? [00:43] <@Mr_Scotty> oui [00:43] <@Bobashotmace> Goo! [00:43] <@Lottel> waaaugh [00:44] <@Lottel> these better kick in [00:44] <@UsaSatsui> ...that makes no sense. [00:44] <@Mr_Scotty> What? [00:44] <@UsaSatsui> "she is the arrow"? [00:44] <@TARDISman> I'm a bit ahead I think... or behind... [00:45] <@Mr_Scotty> Archery [00:45] <@UsaSatsui> Yeah, but the analogy doesn't hold up [00:45] <@Mr_Scotty> I make sense of it [00:45] <@Mr_Scotty> She's aiming for him [00:46] <@UsaSatsui> "With a stick, while he slept" [00:46] <@Mr_Scotty> fuck [00:46] <@UsaSatsui> Yeah, you can trust the little kid in the alley. [00:47] <@Bobashotmace> Hahahahaha [00:47] <@Mr_Scotty> I hit ctrl shift P [00:47] <@Mr_Scotty> and VLC media player [00:48] <@Mr_Scotty> You know what [00:48] <@Mr_Scotty> I'm done with this for tonight [00:48] * @Lottel ( Quit (Read error: Operation timed out�) [00:48] * @Mr_Scotty ( has left #MSLT3K [00:48] <@Fernin> ...and so is Lottel, apparently [00:49] <@UsaSatsui> Awwww, we lost Lottel [00:49] <@TARDISman> Good to have him back though [00:49] <@Bobashotmace> Aww [00:49] <@UsaSatsui> Hacker I can do without, he was fucking moronic [00:49] <@UsaSatsui> This is the part of the movie that really kind of drags along [00:50] <@Bobashotmace> Awwww [00:51] <@UsaSatsui> Yep, I'm randomly in this part of town, for no reason, and just so happen to see Heath Ledger climb out a window. That makes sense. [00:52] * Mr_Scotty ( has joined #MSLT3K [00:52] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Mr_Scotty [00:52] <@Mr_Scotty> I decided I want to hear what you guys think if the rest ' [00:52] <@Mr_Scotty> *of the rest [00:52] <@TARDISman> Ready [00:53] <@Bobashotmace> Umm, I'm not finished yet [00:53] <@Bobashotmace> Ready? [00:53] <@TARDISman> Oh yeah, I got thrown off [00:53] <@UsaSatsui> Meh, it's just 2 minutes of wangst [00:54] <@Fernin> ready [00:54] <@UsaSatsui> "Run, william!" "NO! I'M A KNIGHT!" "but run!" "NO! I'M A KNIGHT!" [00:54] <@TARDISman> Hold on, have to get the cat [00:54] <@UsaSatsui> ready [00:54] <@TARDISman> Got him, ready [00:54] <@Fernin> But thou must! [00:54] <@UsaSatsui> hah! [00:54] <@Bobashotmace> Goo! [00:55] <@TARDISman> I love you Padme [00:55] <@UsaSatsui> ...this goes on way too long. [00:55] <@TARDISman> No I love you more Ani [00:56] <@TARDISman> No I love YOU more Padme! (force chokes) [00:56] <@UsaSatsui> This is your fault,, Chaucer! [00:57] <@UsaSatsui> When Crazy Redhead wants to run, it's serious shit. [00:57] <@TARDISman> Definitely [00:58] <@TARDISman> Badass. Walk. Time. [00:59] <@TARDISman> Oh snap confrontation time [00:59] <@UsaSatsui> "Hey, can I go in to taunt the helpless prisoner who I framed?" "Sure thing" [00:59] * Lottel ( has joined #mslt3k [00:59] <@UsaSatsui> "And first I'll torment him with bad poetry" [00:59] <@UsaSatsui> 5 minutes into part 12 if you want to catch up, Lottel [01:00] <@UsaSatsui> "In the world of Hollywood magic. That's the world I'll beat you in!" [01:00] <@TARDISman> I love those helmets [01:00] <@Bobashotmace> Oh shit! [01:00] <@Bobashotmace> Low battery! [01:00] <@TARDISman> 11 or 12 [01:00] <@Bobashotmace> Okay, it's good [01:01] <@UsaSatsui> Respect the chick with the hammers [01:01] <@TARDISman> I am Geoffrey Chaucer dammit! [01:01] <@Bobashotmace> lol [01:01] <@UsaSatsui> Chaucer's diplomacy check failed [01:01] <@Bobashotmace> Opie was really getting into it [01:01] <@UsaSatsui> "Hey, it's that Colville guy!" [01:02] <@TARDISman> Fuck yeah time for the Black Prince [01:03] <@TARDISman> I shall repeat myself [01:03] <@UsaSatsui> It's good to be the Prince [01:03] <@TARDISman> "Screw the rules, I have money!" [01:03] <Lottel> :D [01:03] <@UsaSatsui> "Screw the rules, I make them" [01:03] <@TARDISman> That's more like it [01:04] <Lottel> Well, Screw the rules I'm the fucking king. Disagree and you'll be without heads." [01:04] <@UsaSatsui> "Yeah, he's royal. And awesome. And the other guy rapes puppies. Anyone want to contest it?" [01:04] <@TARDISman> Good god the Black Prince is badass [01:04] <@TARDISman> Ready [01:04] <@Bobashotmace> Oh you're just on the ball, Tardis [01:05] <@UsaSatsui> All you need to do to win his favor is nearly kill him twice. [01:05] * @TARDISman falls off the ball [01:05] <@TARDISman> Ow my ass [01:05] <@UsaSatsui> readies [01:05] <@Fernin> ready [01:05] <Lottel> FYI: that doesn't work on ME [01:05] * UsaSatsui sets mode: +o Lottel [01:05] <@Lottel> ready [01:05] <@Bobashotmace> Gooo! [01:06] <@Mr_Scotty> Knight gentlemen [01:06] <@UsaSatsui> Cue the Electric Trumpet band [01:06] * @Mr_Scotty ( has left #MSLT3K [01:06] <@TARDISman> Yeesh [01:06] <@UsaSatsui> See, Lottel, you missed it. [01:06] <@UsaSatsui> You ahd Hacker left at the same time, and we were all "Awwww, Lottel left!" [01:06] <@TARDISman> Oh shit, he's gonna cheat [01:07] <@UsaSatsui> He has to cheat. [01:07] <@Lottel> my horrible heart warms to that, Usa [01:07] <@TARDISman> Because he is dildoes? [01:07] <@UsaSatsui> Adamar's lackey has been taking lessons. [01:07] <@UsaSatsui> It's another trope. The bad gay always has to cheat, even if he's ahead. [01:07] <@UsaSatsui> Even if cheating costs him the win [01:07] <@TARDISman> Indeed [01:07] <@Lottel> bad gay? [01:08] <@Lottel> as opposed to... the good gay? [01:08] <@Lottel> I guess in this movie, it fits [01:08] <@UsaSatsui> was a typo, but it does work [01:08] <@Fernin> totally unrelated, but Captain Jack Harkness is a good gay, I'm sure Tardis agrees with me [01:08] <@TARDISman> He's a good omni [01:09] <@TARDISman> He's a 51st century kinda guy [01:09] <@UsaSatsui> Excuse me, but an entire arena didn't notice that this guy just stuck a supposedly blunt lance into his opponent? [01:09] <@Lottel> AIM FOR THE BALLS [01:09] <@Fernin> still makes me laugh how Hacker was getting all uppity over you stating obvious facts about lances, Satsui [01:09] <@TARDISman> STRIKE HIS WEAK POINT FOR MASSIVE DAMAGE! [01:10] <@UsaSatsui> These must be the ancestors of the WWF refd [01:10] <@UsaSatsui> refs [01:10] <@Lottel> HEAD BUTT [01:10] <@Lottel> D: [01:10] <@Lottel> THAT WASN'T A HEAD BUTT [01:10] <@UsaSatsui> COME ON, REF, HE HIT HIM WITH A CHAIR! [01:10] <@UsaSatsui> And of course they're gonna use prop lances to get maximum splinters. [01:11] <@TARDISman> Little fucker [01:11] <@UsaSatsui> Can we go with killing him? [01:12] <@Lottel> HEADBUTT! [01:12] <@UsaSatsui> We need to stall. Get the bullshit artist out there. [01:12] <@Bobashotmace> Ready-o?! [01:12] <@UsaSatsui> "I missed m-" FUCK YOU!" [01:12] <@TARDISman> Ready [01:12] <@Lottel> BAD CUT [01:12] <@Lottel> READY [01:13] <@Fernin> oh, come on, in the middle of a word? [01:13] <@Fernin> ready [01:13] <@UsaSatsui> ready [01:13] <@Bobashotmace> Gooo! [01:13] <@TARDISman> Patriot's also up apparently [01:13] <@UsaSatsui> Finally...The Chauce...HAS COME BACK TO LONDON! [01:13] <@TARDISman> GO AWAY AD! [01:14] <@Fernin> AdBlockPlus, Tardis [01:14] <@TARDISman> Badass Chaucer [01:14] <@UsaSatsui> "HE's one of you, he's a commoner, but...well, the Prince says he's cool!" [01:14] <@UsaSatsui> Gee, I wonder who's gonna win this one. [01:15] <@TARDISman> Well, Heath's armorless and badass, and the bad guy's all tough looking [01:15] <@TARDISman> And by tough I mean he looks like a pussy [01:16] <@UsaSatsui> Now it's all slow mo [01:16] <@UsaSatsui> FALCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON [01:16] <@TARDISman> PAWNCH [01:16] <@TARDISman> Ow my pride! [01:16] <@UsaSatsui> KO! [01:16] <@TARDISman> GAME SET! [01:16] <@Lottel> piss on him! [01:17] <@TARDISman> They pretty much did [01:17] <@TARDISman> And now he's got PTSD [01:17] <@Lottel> FOREVER [01:17] <@Fernin> "I lost? I lost?! Wait a minute, I can't lose!" [01:17] <@TARDISman> I'm wearing black armor! [01:18] <@TARDISman> That means I'm supposed to win! [01:18] <@UsaSatsui> You had a shot, until you went all cowardly on us, Adamar [01:18] <@UsaSatsui> That arm seems fucking fine now, don't it? [01:18] <@UsaSatsui> Cue the electric trumpets! [01:19] <@Bobashotmace> Woo! [01:19] <@TARDISman> Good flick [01:19] <@UsaSatsui> I love this song [01:19] <@Lottel> and then chaucer and the redhead fucked [01:19] <@TARDISman> You shut your heathen mouth Lot [01:19] <@Lottel> forever [01:19] <@Bobashotmace> Good cinema [01:19] <@Bobashotmace> lol [01:19] <@TARDISman> Chaucer's a damn genius [01:19] <@UsaSatsui> Oh, it's an awful awful movie. But it's great for what it is, and it's a blast to watch. [01:19] <@TARDISman> QUEEN! [01:20] <@UsaSatsui> Not every movie has to be a cinematic masterpiece to be enjoyable. [01:20] <@Bobashotmace> Freddie Mercury, what happened to your voice? [01:20] <@TARDISman> Exactly