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The Secret of NIMH was the twenty-ninth movie done by MSLT3K. The crew for this session consisted of FigNewton, Fernin, TARDISman, BlazingGlory, and Drew_Linky.


[22:39] <Fernin> guess we're just waiting on Tardis to save, then [22:40] <TARDISman> Damn volcano dungeon, just got to the entrance [22:41] <TARDISman> Saved, ready [22:41] <Fernin> ready [22:41] <Fievel> Ready! [22:41] <BlazingGlory> I'm good [22:42] <TARDISman> Goooooooo! [22:43] <Fernin> ...the hell? [22:43] <TARDISman> Huh, odd coincidence, I just saw a really nice picture of... what the fuck? [22:43] <TARDISman> Northern Lights [22:43] <BlazingGlory> Hey, that opening sequence was so good, lets do it twice! [22:43] <Fernin> wait for it, it could still happen a third time [22:44] <Fievel> Oh fuck [22:44] <TARDISman> Oh my god the inkwell just regenerated! [22:44] <BlazingGlory> Holy crap, it's HAL 3000's eye! [22:45] <Fernin> for those who haven't read the book... that magical talisman isn't in it [22:45] <TARDISman> I read one of them... [22:45] <TARDISman> I think Martin the Warrior or something [22:45] <TARDISman> THE MASTER'S IN THIS?! [22:45] <Fernin> ...that's Redwall, Tardis, an entirely different series [22:46] <Fernin> this is a different author and a different world [22:46] <TARDISman> Ah well then [22:46] <Fievel> Hmm [22:46] <Fievel> I think I watched this movie about a year ago [22:47] <Fernin> also, Blaze, despite the name, we do more than make fun of the movies we watch ;) [22:47] <Fernin> particularly wondrous works of art like this one [22:47] <BlazingGlory> Opps...sorry:( [22:47] <Fievel> Can we watch Secret of NIMH 2 next week? [22:48] <Fievel> :O [22:48] <Fernin> I'd kick you if I had ops [22:48] <Fernin> in fact... [22:48] <Fievel> Heh [22:48] <TARDISman> Wait, I did read some of Racso and the Rats of NIMH a few years ago [22:48] <Fernin> ...Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH [22:49] <TARDISman> Nope, the sequel [22:49] <TARDISman> Ready with part 2 [22:49] <Fernin> part 2, which we'll be watching... some amount of [22:50] <Fievel> I want to say go for this one [22:50] <Fievel> I forgot about this window, last time [22:50] <Fievel> Ready, Blaze, Fern? [22:50] <BlazingGlory> yup [22:50] <Fernin> yep [22:50] <Fievel> And yeah, when are we stopping? [22:50] <Fernin> I'll say when [22:50] <Fievel> Kay [22:50] <Fievel> Goo! [22:51] <TARDISman> TIGER! [22:51] <Fernin> haha, yeah, good ol' Dom Deluise [22:52] <Fievel> I always thought his voice looked weird in this character [22:52] <TARDISman> Yeah [22:52] <Fernin> and... when [22:52] <TARDISman> Ready with the real part 2 [22:52] <Fernin> ...I think we passed the point when they overlap a while back, actually [22:52] <Fievel> Ready 's well [22:52] <BlazingGlory> k [22:53] <Fernin> on to a lovely higher definition version [22:53] <Fievel> Ooh [22:53] <Fievel> Just a second [22:54] * LowEndLem ( has joined #mslt3k [22:54] <Fievel> [22:54] <Fievel> So yeah, say when that's halfways loaded [22:54] <LowEndLem> Alright [22:54] <Fievel> Hmmm [22:54] * Fievel is now known as FigNewton [22:54] <FigNewton> Darn [22:55] * FigNewton is now known as Fievel [22:55] <Fievel> I thought maybe Hacker'd've added me as an op [22:55] <TARDISman> I guess I just typecast DeLuise as a big guy since the Fievel movies [22:56] <Fernin> don't forget his classic role in Men in Tights as Don Giovanni [22:56] <TARDISman> Still need to finish that... [22:56] * TARDISman is ashamed [22:56] <LowEndLem> Yeah, I'm ready. [22:57] <TARDISman> Ready [22:57] <Fernin> ready [22:57] <BlazingGlory> ready [22:57] <LowEndLem> ready [22:57] <Fievel> Umm, una momenta [22:57] <Fievel> Sorry, something's come up momentarilly [22:58] <LowEndLem> you know, I've never seen ths movie [22:59] <LowEndLem> all of it, anyway [22:59] <LowEndLem> I've only seen it in bits [22:59] <BlazingGlory> ditto [22:59] <Fernin> have you seen the very beginning of it, Lem? [22:59] <Fievel> Tsk tsk [22:59] <LowEndLem> Nooo [23:00] <Fernin> heh, so far, you've missed Mrs. Brisby going down to talk with the old mouse, Mr. Ages, telling him that her son Timothy is sick with a fever, he gives her a medicine for him, she marvels at the experiments he has going [23:00] <LowEndLem> I probably won't have much commentary on it, watching it for the first time [23:00] <Fernin> and she met Jeremy and began to untangle him from the red string he's bundled in [23:01] * TheThunderThief ( has joined #mslt3k [23:01] <Fievel> Thunder! [23:01] <Fernin> TT! [23:01] <BlazingGlory> Mr. Thief! [23:01] <Fievel> [23:01] <TARDISman> TT! [23:01] <TheThunderThief> Ahoy! [23:01] <LowEndLem> hey [23:05] <Fernin> on the plus side of all this waiting for people to load, I'm getting further through Jeebus' M11 set review :3 [23:05] * Drew_Linky ( has joined #mslt3k [23:05] <Drew_Linky> Thanks Fern. [23:05] <Fievel> [23:05] <Fievel> Yay Fernin! [23:06] <Fievel> So yeah, once Lem, Thunder, n' Drew are loaded, I'm fine, now [23:06] <Drew_Linky> What kind of movie is it? [23:06] <Fievel> You've never seen it, either? [23:06] <BlazingGlory> Already read it. I know now he hates life gain with a firey passion [23:06] <Fievel> Yeesh [23:06] * Fernin gasps. [23:06] <Fievel> How did you people find this website? [23:06] <TARDISman> LUCKY CHARMS SUCK [23:06] <BlazingGlory> lol [23:06] <Fernin> so many people who have never seen Secret of NIMH... how is this possible? [23:06] * ptrizzle ( has joined #mslt3k [23:06] <Fievel> Trizzle! [23:06] <Fernin> welcome, pt :D [23:06] <BlazingGlory> pt! [23:06] <Fievel> [23:07] <Fievel> We should run stats for #MLST3K [23:07] <Fievel> lol [23:07] <Fernin> hahaha [23:07] <Fievel> So [23:07] <Fievel> Since we started the movie, the crew hath doubled [23:07] <TARDISman> I'd probably be #2 [23:07] <Fievel> Nice [23:07] <Drew_Linky> Lol. [23:07] <Fernin> anyways, Drew, Secret of NIMH is a movie about... uhm... well, mice, and... *opens and closes his mouth several times*... [23:08] <Drew_Linky> Hm? [23:08] <Drew_Linky> Go ahead, I can take anything. [23:08] <Fernin> I don't know what to say about it that doesn't give anything away... [23:08] <Drew_Linky> Except horror. [23:08] <ptrizzle> It's part 2 right [23:08] <Fievel> Yeah, the one I linked [23:08] <Drew_Linky> As long as it's not a horror or outright suspense, I can deal with it. [23:08] <ptrizzle> Awesome [23:08] <Fievel> Have you seen All Dogs Go To Heaven, An American Tail, and the Land Before Time, out of curiousity? [23:09] <Fernin> if you've seen America Tail, you know the style of the movie [23:09] <Fernin> American* [23:09] <LowEndLem> hey, someone ping me when we're ready, okay? [23:09] <TARDISman> 'MERIKA! [23:09] <Drew_Linky> I'm ready. [23:09] <Drew_Linky> And American Tail was great, in my opinion. [23:09] <Drew_Linky> I'm up. [23:09] <Fievel> How's your video goin', TheThunderThief? [23:09] <Fievel> Yeah, I /loved/ American Tail [23:10] <ptrizzle> It seems like I recognize his voice [23:10] <TheThunderThief> I'm starting at pt 3, so whenever it is you're starting that [23:10] <Drew_Linky> I'm ready whenever you guys are. [23:10] <Fernin> hold up, pt, we all watch at the same time [23:10] <BlazingGlory> ready [23:10] <ptrizzle> Ok [23:10] <Fernin> ...we haven't even started part 2, TT, why not watch that with us? [23:11] <Fievel> ^ [23:11] <Fernin> Fig, don't even think about inviting Snow [23:11] <ptrizzle> lol [23:11] <Fievel> Yeah, no worries [23:11] <TheThunderThief> I wasnt sure where you guys were in the movie I thought you were already watching 2 [23:11] * Retrieving #mslt3k modes... [23:11] <TARDISman> I'm not too violent [23:11] <TARDISman> But I will end you [23:12] <BlazingGlory> Is Snow really that big of a troll? [23:12] <TARDISman> No, he's just really damn annoying [23:12] <TheThunderThief> Just a blowhard [23:12] <Fernin> he's not a troll, he's just dumb, and extremely hyper [23:12] <BlazingGlory> I noticed [23:12] <Drew_Linky> Ah. [23:12] <Fievel> Yeah [23:12] <Fernin> he types at a mile a minute, doesn't bother to put any thought into what he says [23:13] <Fievel> He's pretty annoying [23:13] <Drew_Linky> Never seen the guy, so I can't say. [23:14] <Fernin> oh, pt, the voice you recognized, you might know him as Tiger from An American Tail or Fievel Goes West [23:15] <ptrizzle> Fievel Goes West probably [23:15] <ptrizzle> Never saw the other [23:15] <BlazingGlory> That last comment he made makes me understand why you won't invite him in [23:16] <Fievel> lol [23:16] <BlazingGlory> TARDIS, your my hero [23:16] <Drew_Linky> Jesus, Snow is like talking caffiene. [23:19] <Fernin> all in favor of a ban, once we're ready to start the movie? [23:19] <LowEndLem> a ban of snow? [23:20] <Fernin> indeed [23:20] * TARDISman cringes [23:20] <BlazingGlory> Aye [23:20] <TARDISman> YES [23:20] <Fievel> Eh, he's not really doing anything [23:20] <TARDISman> FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD AND HOLY YES [23:20] <Fievel> I'm sure he'll shut up soon enough, anyway [23:20] <LowEndLem> I abstain from voting [23:20] <ptrizzle> I feel bad [23:20] <Fernin> ...seriously, Fig? [23:20] <ptrizzle> Sort of [23:20] <Fernin> have you spent more than 5 minutes with the guy in the past few days? [23:20] <Drew_Linky> I feel bad for saying so, but... yeah, ban snow. [23:20] <BlazingGlory> I think he could probably carry on a conversation with himself [23:21] <Drew_Linky> I really HAVEN'T spent five minutes with the guy, and he's already fucking annoying. [23:21] <Fievel> I dunno, I haven't seen him monologue any, I don't think [23:21] <Fievel> I figured most everyone who's here would be watching the movie [23:21] <BlazingGlory> Scroll up a little, it's there [23:22] <Fernin> he monologued just this afternoon, and has monologued (and annoyed the bloody piss out of everyone in the room) on numerous occasions over the past few days [23:22] <LowEndLem> He could probably filibuster like a /motherfuck/ in the Senate. [23:22] <Fievel> Oh, I wasn't here for that I guess [23:22] <LowEndLem> We should get him to run [23:22] <Fievel> Sure, then [23:22] <Fernin> TT, pt, you two ready? [23:23] <ptrizzle> YEah [23:23] <Drew_Linky> I'm ready. [23:23] <LowEndLem> you know [23:23] <LowEndLem> I could've watched part 1 by now, haha [23:23] <TARDISman> Usually when I hit someone with the shovel they take the hint [23:23] <Fernin> ...who besides Tako and Snow have you hit? [23:23] <TARDISman> I've threatened Fig once or twice [23:23] <TARDISman> I think maybe Hack or M3G [23:24] <Fievel> You have? [23:24] <LowEndLem> The last one isn't a person [23:24] <Fievel> What was I doing? [23:24] <TheThunderThief> Yes [23:24] <Fievel> Wait, can we talk to Snow for a moment longer? [23:24] <BlazingGlory> He's getting ballsy isn't he? [23:24] <Drew_Linky> Sigh. [23:25] <Drew_Linky> I like how Syd copied me on the Fairgrounds. [23:25] <Fievel> Okay, everyone ready? [23:25] * Fernin is now known as Fernin|Movie [23:25] <LowEndLem> ready [23:25] <Drew_Linky> But it's also disturbing. And yes, ready. [23:25] <TheThunderThief> Set [23:25] * LowEndLem is now known as LemNIMH [23:25] * Drew_Linky is now known as Drew_Link|Movie [23:25] <Fernin|Movie> ready [23:25] <BlazingGlory> ready [23:25] <Drew_Link|Movie> :D [23:25] <TARDISman> Ready [23:25] <Fernin|Movie> oh, for those who weren't here for part 1... [23:25] <Fievel> We should edit that break out of the log, when we post it [23:25] <Fievel> TheThunderThief? [23:26] <Fernin|Movie> so far, you've missed Mrs. Brisby going down to talk with the old mouse, Mr. Ages, telling him that her son Timothy is sick with a fever, he gives her a medicine for him, she marvels at the experiments he has going [23:26] <TheThunderThief> [22:25] <TheThunderThief> Set [23:26] <Fernin|Movie> and she met Jeremy and began to untangle him from the red string he's bundled in [23:26] <Fievel> Ope, sorry [23:27] <Drew_Link|Movie> Ah. [23:27] <TARDISman> 2 seconds [23:30] * Fernin|Movie taps his foot. [23:30] <TARDISman> Sorry [23:30] <TARDISman> Ready [23:31] <LemNIMH> ready... [23:31] <Drew_Link|Movie> rEADY. [23:31] <Drew_Link|Movie> Whoa, caps.. [23:31] <Drew_Link|Movie> Ready. [23:31] <TheThunderThief> Still set [23:31] <BlazingGlory> I'm good [23:31] <ptrizzle> Ready [23:31] <Fernin|Movie> still ready [23:31] <Fievel> Umm, yeah, sorry [23:31] <Fievel> Goo! [23:32] <LemNIMH> ....this bird is weird [23:32] <Fievel> This is much nicer to look at than the last guy's [23:32] <Fernin|Movie> Dragon is the farm cat... bit of a menace [23:32] <TARDISman> Yeah, definitely [23:32] <BlazingGlory> Isn't that cat, like part wolf? [23:32] <Fernin|Movie> haha, he certainly looks it [23:33] <LemNIMH> That bird is an /itiot/ [23:33] <TheThunderThief> What an asshole [23:33] <Fernin|Movie> ...I just can't listen to Dom Deluise laughing without smiling myself :3 [23:33] <LemNIMH> is he functionally retarded? [23:34] <TARDISman> Ohhhhh shit! [23:34] <LemNIMH> Holy crap cap [23:34] <BlazingGlory> Yup, part wolf [23:34] <Fernin|Movie> just a warning, this movie has a lot of Oh shi- moments like that [23:34] <Drew_Link|Movie> Sneeze already, jesus. [23:34] <LemNIMH> Cats don't roar, tho [23:34] <LemNIMH> well [23:34] <LemNIMH> this one can [23:34] <LemNIMH> because it scares me [23:35] <Fernin|Movie> not the medicine! Little Timmy needs it! [23:35] <TARDISman> Cats with glass eyes scare the shit out of me [23:35] <LemNIMH> How does a cat get a glass eye?! [23:36] <BlazingGlory> Please die you stupid bird [23:36] <TARDISman> With wuatah [23:36] <TARDISman> God I love his accent [23:38] <LemNIMH> Dick-bird's a dick [23:38] <BlazingGlory> I concur [23:38] <Fernin|Movie> ...don't worry, the movie eventually gets humor other than Hey, this bird's dumb, laugh at his klutziness! [23:39] <LemNIMH> is that rat eastern european? [23:39] <Drew_Link|Movie> Good. [23:39] <TARDISman> REady [23:39] <Fievel> Ready? [23:39] <Fernin|Movie> pfft... nice cutoff point [23:39] <Drew_Link|Movie> Ready. [23:39] <BlazingGlory> Iready [23:39] <LemNIMH> readu [23:39] <Fernin|Movie> Lem... Auntie /Shrew/ is a... Shrew [23:39] <LemNIMH> .... [23:39] <LemNIMH> oh. [23:39] <Fernin|Movie> also, ready [23:39] <Drew_Link|Movie> LOL [23:40] <TheThunderThief> ready [23:40] <ptrizzle> ready [23:40] <Fievel> Goo! [23:40] <Drew_Link|Movie> ... Why me? [23:40] <TARDISman> She could be a star on the Hills [23:41] <TARDISman> Man, this mouse is badass! [23:41] <Fernin|Movie> Spoilers for the horrendously bad 2nd movie: Martin there becomes there villain [23:41] <BlazingGlory> I like that kid [23:41] <TARDISman> Or rat [23:41] <Fernin|Movie> goes batshit insane, too [23:41] <LemNIMH> Rat goes nuts? [23:41] <Fernin|Movie> mouse, family of mice [23:41] <LemNIMH> Oh shit, auntie's dead [23:41] <Fernin|Movie> you'll meet the rats later on [23:42] <TARDISman> Everyone keeps getting tripped up on their clothes [23:42] <LemNIMH> WEED! [23:42] <LemNIMH> The best kind of medication [23:42] <ptrizzle> Weed tea [23:43] <LemNIMH> Weed tea sounds /great/ [23:43] * Fernin|Movie gets misty eyed immediately at this song. [23:43] <LemNIMH> That fat little mouse is a villain next movie? [23:43] <Fernin|Movie> he is, yeah [23:43] <Fernin|Movie> I'll say how after the movie, if you remind me [23:43] <BlazingGlory> Why, he seems more like a jerk with a heart of gold to me [23:43] <LemNIMH> I think I may [23:44] <LemNIMH> "Timmy's got mouse AIDS!" [23:44] <Fernin|Movie> the second movie doesn't follow the second book at all, though... it goes off on its own stupid path and adds the most retarded songs [23:44] <BlazingGlory> lol [23:44] <Drew_Link|Movie> Hm [23:44] <TARDISman> Like every damn Land Before Time movie? [23:44] <Fernin|Movie> exactly [23:44] <TARDISman> Apart from the first sequel [23:44] <TARDISman> I kinda liked that one growing up [23:45] <TARDISman> If I could find that I'd rewatch it [23:45] <ptrizzle> Naambla came by today [23:45] <TARDISman> Whup, there it is, by Kindergarten Cop [23:47] <LemNIMH> huh. [23:47] <LemNIMH> shit be fucked [23:47] <Fernin|Movie> time to beat feet, little critters [23:47] <BlazingGlory> That is some serious biodervisity. Where the hell is this farm? [23:47] <Fievel> Ready? [23:47] <TARDISman> HOLY SHIT [23:47] <TARDISman> Yeah [23:48] <Fernin|Movie> ready [23:48] <ptrizzle> Yeah [23:48] <LemNIMH> ready [23:48] <Fernin|Movie> and there's that still that spooked Blaze [23:48] <TheThunderThief> ready [23:48] <TARDISman> Yeah, scared me a bit too [23:48] <BlazingGlory> yup lovely [23:48] <BlazingGlory> I'm good [23:48] <LemNIMH> yek [23:48] <Fievel> Goo! [23:48] <Drew_Link|Movie> Ready. [23:49] <Fievel> Oops, sorry Drew [23:49] <Drew_Link|Movie> Er? [23:49] <Fievel> I said to begin four seconds before you said you were ready [23:49] <Drew_Link|Movie> Oh. [23:49] <Drew_Link|Movie> Ah well. [23:50] <Fernin|Movie> and Auntie Shrew saves the day [23:50] <ptrizzle> it runs on Kool Aid [23:50] <BlazingGlory> Oh shit, It just closed on me :( [23:50] <TARDISman> Auntie Shrew, bonafide badass [23:50] <LemNIMH> "I'm gonna be a badass!" *crycrycry* [23:50] <ptrizzle> Someone's watching... [23:51] <TARDISman> I smell Time Lord... [23:52] <Fernin|Movie> so he takes her at dusk, what a smart guy [23:52] <Drew_Link|Movie> Lol. [23:52] <Fernin|Movie> You can tell it's the Owl's tree because it's extra spooky [23:53] <Fievel> Man, I'm sweating aload [23:53] <Fievel> I think I might have to cut out early :( [23:53] <Fernin|Movie> aww :( [23:53] * TARDISman starts humming the song from the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark [23:54] <TARDISman> You ok over there Fig? [23:54] <BlazingGlory> I know that voice [23:54] <Fernin|Movie> Brisby's, or the Great Owl's? [23:54] <BlazingGlory> Owl [23:54] <ptrizzle> Yum [23:54] <TARDISman> OH SHIT! [23:54] <LemNIMH> ZUUL MOTHAFUCKA ZUUL [23:55] <Fievel> Feeling ill-ish, I think it's just the heat [23:55] <TARDISman> Owl's fuckin' badass [23:56] <LemNIMH> So sayeth ZUUL [23:56] <TARDISman> Ready [23:56] <Fernin|Movie> ready [23:56] <ptrizzle> How could he get his eyebrows waxed? [23:56] <Fievel> Yeah, I think I'm out [23:56] <Fievel> Sorry, guys [23:56] <TARDISman> FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG!!! [23:56] <TheThunderThief> ready [23:56] <Fernin|Movie> night, Fig [23:56] <LemNIMH> ready [23:56] <LemNIMH> night fig [23:56] <ptrizzle> ready [23:57] * TARDISman goes to sob in the corner [23:57] * Fievel ( has left #mslt3k [23:57] <Fernin|Movie> I'll take over on the Go! duties, then [23:57] <TARDISman> Awww [23:57] <TARDISman> Ok [23:57] <Fernin|Movie> lol, you want it, Tardis? [23:57] <Drew_Link|Movie> Eh heh. [23:57] <TARDISman> ...A bit but whatevs [23:57] <Fernin|Movie> by all means, go right ahead :3 [23:57] <TARDISman> Blaze, you ready? [23:57] <BlazingGlory> yup [23:58] <Drew_Link|Movie> Ready. [23:58] <LemNIMH> readty [23:58] <TARDISman> Ok then... Goooo! [23:58] <TheThunderThief> ready [23:58] <BlazingGlory> Had to rebuffer everything, but I'm good [23:58] <LemNIMH> and now comes the animal porn. [23:58] <LemNIMH> she said she'd do /anything/ [23:59] <ptrizzle> I want light bulb eyes dammit [23:59] <LemNIMH> how does an owl limp? [23:59] <Drew_Link|Movie> That would be awesome. [23:59] <TARDISman> I wish I could walk off all badass... [23:59] * TARDISman kicks a can dejectedly [23:59] <ptrizzle> Gangsta lean [23:59] <Drew_Link|Movie> And they did it in Rock A Doodle Doo, I don't doubt they could do it here. [23:59] <Fernin|Movie> a very good point, that [00:00] <Fernin|Movie> Rock a Doodle was a /horrible/ movie, but the owls were at least decent [00:00] <LemNIMH> ninja! Session Time: Fri Jul 09 00:00:00 2010 [00:00] <TARDISman> That's 4 times [00:00] <BlazingGlory> Scrappy bird is a Scrappy [00:00] <LemNIMH> Trope is a trope [00:01] <TARDISman> Your Milage May Vary [00:01] <BlazingGlory> Har har har [00:02] <LemNIMH> Oh you stupid bird! [00:02] <TARDISman> Wah wah! [00:02] <Fernin|Movie> Sleeping cat: Not just a fact of nature, it's a plot point! [00:02] <BlazingGlory> That cat has an awesome mustache [00:03] <LemNIMH> You know, my dad would've had me set fire to that thorn bush like, years ago [00:03] <Fernin|Movie> just about every cool male character in this movie does [00:03] <LemNIMH> man what. [00:03] <TARDISman> Purdy [00:04] <LemNIMH> this is the most fucked up thorn bush since I stopped shaving my pubes [00:04] <BlazingGlory> Find the diamond in the rough! [00:04] <Drew_Link|Movie> Er. [00:04] <TARDISman> Hahaha! Aladdin [00:04] <Drew_Link|Movie> Awesome eyes. [00:04] <LemNIMH> She can't fight but damn she can dodge [00:04] <TARDISman> Wow, this guy's a douchebag [00:04] <LemNIMH> Fragile Speedster? [00:05] <Fernin|Movie> gotta protect the home turf [00:05] <Drew_Link|Movie> I agree, can't he just let up for a second? Maybe give her a cupcake or something? [00:05] <TARDISman> Nice cut [00:05] <Fernin|Movie> aww, lame [00:05] <TARDISman> Ready [00:05] <Fernin|Movie> cut off his stuttering realization [00:05] <Fernin|Movie> ready [00:05] <LemNIMH> ready [00:05] <ptrizzle> ready [00:06] <BlazingGlory> ready [00:06] <BlazingGlory> and stop mocking me Lem [00:06] <LemNIMH> I'm mocking you? [00:06] <TARDISman> TT and Drew? [00:06] <Drew_Link|Movie> Ready. [00:06] <BlazingGlory> You and tardis and my trope references [00:06] <TheThunderThief> Ich bin bereit [00:06] <TARDISman> Righty-o and go! [00:06] <LemNIMH> ...we're tropers, man [00:07] <ptrizzle> We have [00:07] <LemNIMH> "The beard says no!" [00:08] <TARDISman> Oh Brutus, you little scamp [00:08] <LemNIMH> "Let's go, bitch, your son's dying." [00:08] <BlazingGlory> Stalkervision activate! [00:08] <TARDISman> Who's this slick sucka [00:08] <ptrizzle> Warts on his hands [00:09] <BlazingGlory> He's in a fucking cast, of course he's limping [00:09] <Fernin|Movie> to a mouse, three feet is pretty damned tall [00:09] <TARDISman> 'Tis [00:09] <Drew_Link|Movie> Jesus, three feet... I'd be a god to a mouse. [00:09] <TARDISman> Reminds me of a Bug's Life line [00:10] <TARDISman> Holy crap, his face looks like Basil from Great Mouse Detective [00:10] <Drew_Link|Movie> Never seen it. [00:10] <LemNIMH> Hey, I'll be in and out of this [00:10] <TARDISman> Really nice movie [00:10] <LemNIMH> I have to wait for my sister to get home [00:11] <Drew_Link|Movie> Ah. [00:12] <LemNIMH> I like this movie [00:12] <TARDISman> Wow, Fie, never heard that before in an animated movie [00:12] <Drew_Link|Movie> I like this movie too. [00:12] <Drew_Link|Movie> It's very... engaging. [00:12] <Drew_Link|Movie> And realistic. [00:12] <Drew_Link|Movie> Besides the whole mouse thing. [00:12] <LemNIMH> This is a damn good movie [00:12] <TARDISman> Gasp! [00:13] <Drew_Link|Movie> Oh shit, Wizard of Oz similarity. [00:13] <Drew_Link|Movie> Or somethikng. [00:13] <TARDISman> He has a Red. Lined. Black. Cloak. [00:13] <TARDISman> Kill him! [00:13] <BlazingGlory> Of courssssse [00:13] <Fernin|Movie> one thing about Don Bluth films... the villains are /so/ obviously villainous, nothing subtle about them, either in their actions or their looks [00:14] <TARDISman> It's like Gary Oldman in Lost In Space [00:14] <TARDISman> Ready [00:14] <LemNIMH> hey, I'll brb [00:14] <BlazingGlory> Good cutoff [00:14] <LemNIMH> don't start without me [00:15] <Fernin|Movie> ready [00:15] <Fernin|Movie> will do, Lem [00:15] <TheThunderThief> Sono pronto [00:15] <BlazingGlory> So far, I enjoy the movie, but I hate that bird [00:15] <Drew_Link|Movie> The bird is ok. [00:15] <Drew_Link|Movie> And ready. [00:15] <ptrizzle> I like it more than I thought I was going to! [00:15] <TARDISman> Yeah, I like the movie but the boid, that boid [00:15] <LemNIMH> actually, go on ahead [00:15] <LemNIMH> I'll get back in later [00:15] <LemNIMH> makin' some noms [00:16] <Drew_Link|Movie> CA ca.... CAT [00:16] <Drew_Link|Movie> Bird. Bah [00:16] <Fernin|Movie> part 7's important, though, Lem [00:16] <TARDISman> Fern, can you take the go thing back? I've got 3 conversations going on righ tnow [00:16] <TARDISman> right now [00:16] <Fernin|Movie> heh, sure [00:17] <Drew_Link|Movie> Oh. [00:17] * Fernin|Movie pokes Lem. [00:18] <BlazingGlory> So i have to ask, does the villian die a "Disney Death?" [00:18] <Fernin|Movie> like I'd spoil that so soon ;) [00:18] <Drew_Link|Movie> Er. [00:18] <BlazingGlory> I'm just enjoying the movie and I would hate to see the infamous vague fall at the end [00:20] <LemNIMH> okay, back [00:20] <Fernin|Movie> nifty [00:20] <LemNIMH> I ended up arguing with my sister, sooryyy. [00:20] <Fernin|Movie> all ready, then? [00:20] <LemNIMH> yeah [00:20] <LemNIMH> tarids, you ready? [00:20] <Fernin|Movie> double checking to make sure everyone's paying attention [00:21] <TARDISman> REady [00:21] <TheThunderThief> Sono pronto [00:21] <ptrizzle> Ready [00:21] <LemNIMH> ready. [00:21] <Drew_Link|Movie> Ready. [00:21] <BlazingGlory> ready [00:21] <Fernin|Movie> k, Go! [00:21] <TARDISman> She sounds like Aunt May [00:21] <Drew_Link|Movie> Wait, we're restarting part 7, correct? [00:21] <Fernin|Movie> yeah [00:21] <TARDISman> "Everybody loves a hero!" [00:22] <Fernin|Movie> ...we never started part 7 yet, Drew [00:22] <Drew_Link|Movie> Oh. [00:22] <Drew_Link|Movie> My bad. [00:22] <TARDISman> Looks like? [00:23] <BlazingGlory> I'm not a turkey! Your mother [00:23] <Fernin|Movie> yay, Martin! [00:23] <Fernin|Movie> tie that bastard up [00:24] <BlazingGlory> SHoot him now! [00:24] <Drew_Link|Movie> Uh. [00:24] <BlazingGlory> The Doctor will see you now [00:25] <TARDISman> More like the MASTER, amirite? [00:25] <BlazingGlory> More flashlight eyes [00:25] <Fernin|Movie> turn the volume up for a bit... Nicodemus never speaks above a solemn, wise whisper [00:25] <Drew_Link|Movie> I can tell. [00:26] <Fernin|Movie> ...and yeah, he's telekinetic, Nicodemus is badass like that [00:26] <LemNIMH> man what. [00:26] <Fernin|Movie> there's a reason why she can read, you'll see in a moment [00:27] <LemNIMH> not the reading...I might be ahead of you [00:27] <Fernin|Movie> oh, the... yeah [00:28] <TARDISman> Fuck.. [00:28] <TARDISman> . [00:28] <TARDISman> Needles [00:28] <ptrizzle> Splinter [00:28] <Fernin|Movie> this section was really shortened from the book... it really went into detail on the experiments, and the lengthy process of gaining intelligence and exploring the labs [00:29] <Fernin|Movie> oh, lame cutoff point [00:29] <TARDISman> Ready [00:29] <TheThunderThief> Ik ben er klaar voor [00:29] <Drew_Link|Movie> BRILLIANT CUT OFF, DAMN IT. [00:29] <LemNIMH> daaaaaamn [00:29] <BlazingGlory> ready [00:29] <Drew_Link|Movie> Ready. [00:29] <LemNIMH> ready [00:29] <ptrizzle> ready [00:29] <Fernin|Movie> k, Go! [00:29] <LemNIMH> that burger wasn't very goo [00:29] <LemNIMH> d [00:30] <LemNIMH> dude's hardcore. [00:30] <TARDISman> He's a master of unlocking [00:32] <TARDISman> ...waitwhat? [00:32] <BlazingGlory> He's a lazy old bastard, isn't he [00:32] <Drew_Link|Movie> Nicodemus rocks. [00:32] <TARDISman> So did the injections give him telekenisis? [00:32] <Fernin|Movie> that's... something that's unique to the movie, and isn't really explained [00:33] <Fernin|Movie> the movie adds a... fantasy/magical element [00:33] <Drew_Link|Movie> Odd, but acceptable. [00:33] <Drew_Link|Movie> I like it. [00:36] <BlazingGlory> Is he a crow or a magpie? [00:36] <TARDISman> Wow, he's like fuggin' Gollum [00:36] <ptrizzle> My precious! [00:37] <ptrizzle> shit [00:37] <TARDISman> Ready [00:37] <Drew_Link|Movie> Ready. [00:37] <Fernin|Movie> hehe, we'll see much more of Jenner soon [00:37] <BlazingGlory> ready [00:37] <TheThunderThief> Je suis prêt [00:37] <LemNIMH> my add has kicked in [00:37] <TARDISman> Oh... boy [00:37] <ptrizzle> ready [00:37] <LemNIMH> I'm out [00:37] * LemNIMH ( has left #mslt3k [00:37] <Fernin|Movie> ...ass [00:37] <BlazingGlory> :( [00:37] <Fernin|Movie> meh, Go! [00:38] <ptrizzle> Bitch cat [00:38] <Fernin|Movie> she's lucky the cat's food dish is on the floor, and not on the counter [00:38] <TARDISman> Fuckin' hick [00:38] <TARDISman> BILLY! [00:39] <BlazingGlory> SHe has an awesome mustache [00:40] <Fernin|Movie> NIMH knows that their superintelligent rats escaped... and they sure as hell want 'em back [00:40] <TARDISman> Yeah [00:41] <TARDISman> Stinkin' government [00:41] <BlazingGlory> So the intelligence is hereditary? [00:41] <Fernin|Movie> seems so [00:42] <BlazingGlory> GANDALF NO! [00:42] <TARDISman> Shit just got real! [00:43] <Fernin|Movie> clever mouse, for not being from NIMH [00:44] <TARDISman> Oh. Shit. [00:45] <Drew_Link|Movie> Ready. [00:45] <Drew_Link|Movie> Actually, I might have to go soon. [00:45] <TheThunderThief> Estou pronto [00:45] <TARDISman> Ready [00:45] <ptrizzle> Ready [00:45] <BlazingGlory> ready [00:45] <Fernin|Movie> k, Go! [00:46] <TheThunderThief> Shit just got real... [00:47] <Drew_Link|Movie> Again. [00:47] <ptrizzle> Oh shit [00:48] <BlazingGlory> Best. Throw. Ever. [00:48] <TARDISman> Somebody's got high dexterity [00:48] * TARDISman said that in sing-song [00:48] <BlazingGlory> That was natural 20 [00:48] <Drew_Link|Movie> Wtf, I got a sudden, vivid flash of Fellowship of the Ring. [00:49] <TARDISman> Shit keeps getting real [00:49] <Drew_Link|Movie> That one rat has some serious knife throwing skills. [00:50] <BlazingGlory> Look for my comming on the light of the third day... [00:51] <Drew_Link|Movie> AND HE SHALL APPEAR! [00:51] <BlazingGlory> I have the power! [00:51] <TARDISman> DADADADAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! [00:51] <Fernin|Movie> ...yyyyeaaah... none of this is in the book [00:51] <TARDISman> Kinda figured [00:52] <Fernin|Movie> (and I do mean that, the whole cinder block falling, Nicodemus dying... didn't happen) [00:52] <BlazingGlory> Holy Crap, whatch out for Mario [00:52] <Drew_Link|Movie> Er. [00:52] <Fernin|Movie> Jenner still got his, though [00:52] <Drew_Link|Movie> ... I have THE POWER!!! [00:52] <TARDISman> He just did it in a generic manner? [00:52] <BlazingGlory> The joke was already made drew [00:52] <Fernin|Movie> ...actually, I don't even remember anymore [00:52] <TARDISman> "Blargh I want to take over shit!" "No you can't!" "I am foiled (dead)" [00:53] <Fernin|Movie> I'll have to look it up later, been years since I've read it [00:53] <TARDISman> Ready [00:53] <Fernin|Movie> and now time for the happy ending, ready? [00:53] <BlazingGlory> Was the Dues ex machana really necessary? [00:53] <BlazingGlory> yup [00:53] <ptrizzle> I have to go picked someone up from work damnit [00:54] <Fernin|Movie> sucks, pt... good having you here for most of it [00:54] <Drew_Link|Movie> Sorry you have to go. [00:54] <ptrizzle> Thanks I like the movie I'll finish it later! [00:54] <TARDISman> Bye dude [00:54] <ptrizzle> See Ya [00:54] * ptrizzle ( Quit (Quit: �) [00:54] <Fernin|Movie> ok, ready? [00:55] <BlazingGlory> ready [00:55] <Drew_Link|Movie> REady. [00:55] <TARDISman> Yep [00:55] <Fernin|Movie> k, Go! [00:56] <TheThunderThief> I have massive lag gonna restart FF [00:56] <BlazingGlory> Oh God no! [00:56] <Fernin|Movie> yep, an equally stupid crow... who happens to be female [00:57] <Fernin|Movie> ...who isn't even mentioned in the craptastic sequel, if I recall [00:57] <TARDISman> Criminey... [00:57] <BlazingGlory> They can't breed! He's too stupid to live! [00:57] <TARDISman> She's too stupid to live as well! [00:57] <Drew_Link|Movie> Quit raggin' on the bird. [00:57] * Drew_Link|Movie growls. [00:58] <BlazingGlory> Where's that damn cat when you need it? [00:58] <Fernin|Movie> oh, here we go... in the book, Jenner and 7 of his followers decided to stick it to the rest of the group by setting out on their own, to continue their life as regular, thieving (super intelligent) rats, moving out to a hardware store... where it's heavily implied that they're all killed [00:58] <TARDISman> ...Wow [00:59] <TARDISman> Actually like this one a bit better [00:59] <Drew_Link|Movie> Er. [00:59] <TARDISman> Then again I'm a sucker for swordfights [00:59] <Drew_Link|Movie> I'll read the book. [00:59] <Fernin|Movie> lol... the movie killed off more mice than the book [00:59] <BlazingGlory> I kinda like the idea of 8 super smart rats getting killed in home depot\ [01:00] <Drew_Link|Movie> Well, I don't. [01:00] <Drew_Link|Movie> That's just terrible. [01:00] <Fernin|Movie> in the book, there were only 8 mice in the NIMH experiments, as compared to 11 in the movie, the same 2 survived in both, of course [01:00] <Drew_Link|Movie> And you should go kill yourself for saying that. [01:00] <TARDISman> Is the bird in the book? [01:00] <BlazingGlory> A better question is he as grating? [01:01] <Drew_Link|Movie> I'll severely hurt your family. [01:01] <Drew_Link|Movie> :D [01:01] <Fernin|Movie> yes, but he's not nearly as stupid [01:01] * Fernin|Movie is now known as Fernin [01:01] * Drew_Link|Movie is now known as Drew_Linky [01:01] <BlazingGlory> Good luck with that drew [01:01] <Fernin> sooo, as for the second one... [01:01] <Fernin> it's a couple of years later, they're all living in Thorn Valley, where the rats of NIMH have become... farmers [01:02] <Fernin> not much of a life for super intelligent rats, but they're doing what they said, not stealing any more... and they still have their lights and elevators and heat and whatnot else [01:02] <Drew_Linky> What... [01:02] <Drew_Linky> That's just stupid. [01:02] <Drew_Linky> Not seeing it. [01:02] <BlazingGlory> I concur [01:03] * Drew_Linky ( has left #mslt3k [01:03] <Fernin> Timmy is brought to Thorn Valley to be trained to "save it", like Nicodemus prophesized [01:03] <Fernin> even though he only said "one of the sons of Jonathan Brisby"... Martin believes it should've been him [01:04] <TARDISman> This is the shitacular sequel [01:04] <TARDISman> ? [01:04] <Fernin> yup [01:04] <BlazingGlory> Well, I enjoyed the movie and the company thoroughly and stop killing my new nostalgia with that Fern [01:04] <Fernin> hehehe, you can't stop me... I've gotta tell the awful story [01:04] * TheThunderThief ( Quit (Read error: Operation timed out�) [01:04] <TARDISman> That's the plot to Castlevania Circle of the Moon! [01:04] <Fernin> believe me, it's much, much better than watching it [01:04] <Fernin> this way, you don't have to suffer through the songs [01:05] <BlazingGlory> Yes, but they had VAMPIRZ! in CCM [01:05] <Fernin> so, Timmy is going through "hero training" with Mr. Ages, Justin, and the other rats... but he's unhappy, eventually meets up with a female mouse who just found Thorn Valley, and they run off together, Timmy's overeager to go do the saving already [01:06] <Fernin> Timmy learns that Martin has gone missing, they set off to find him, meet a Caterpillar character who's even more annoying than Jeremy (yes, it's possible) [01:06] <BlazingGlory> ...Really? [01:07] <Fernin> the caterpillar had teamed up with Jeremy to scam forest critters out of money to see the Great Owl (who was actually just Jeremy in disguise) [01:07] <Fernin> take a moment to let that sink in... [01:07] <BlazingGlory> Stop, your making my head hurt! [01:08] <Fernin> they learn that Martin might've been captured by NIMH, and head off to the lab, with Jeremy offering Timmy and Jenny (the female mouse) a ride, Timmy learns that Jenny is the daughter of one of the "Missing Six" [01:08] <Fernin> (yes, they apparently forgot that they said Eleven mice in the first film... but, there were 16 years between the two movies) [01:09] <Fernin> (and yes, they also state in this new, happier movie that those other mice that got sucked down the air ducts, that Nicodemus specifically said died... didn't die, they landed softly at the other end) [01:09] <BlazingGlory> Are these mice related to the mouse from the Green Mile? [01:10] <Fernin> Timmy is left on guard duty while Justin and some other rats try to do some recon of the NIMH labs, he's impatient again, fucks things up for the whole group, gets everyone captured [01:10] <Fernin> Timmy escapes with the help of the scheming caterpillar (who of course has a heart of gold, new and happier after all), meets up with Martin again [01:11] <Fernin> ...who reveals he's both evil and batshit insane now, because he was so jealous of Timmy being picked as "the chosen one" instead of him [01:11] <TARDISman> Yep, that's Circle of the Moon [01:11] <Fernin> he goes on to reveal that he has somehow managed to /brainwash/ the human scientists of NIMH [01:11] <Fernin> they now perform for him [01:11] <Fernin> ...yes, take a moment to let /that/ sink in [01:11] <Fernin> and wonder... what the /fuck/ were they thinking with this movie? [01:11] <BlazingGlory> !rr 6 [01:12] <Fernin> battle ensues, there's cats, scientists who think they're dogs, the missing six are found, the building catches fire, the cats do a Disney fall, everyone escapes, Timmy goes back for Martin who didn't make it, they make a last second escape together [01:13] <BlazingGlory> I hate you so much right now [01:14] <Fernin> aren't you glad you didn't have to watch it, though?
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