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Go balls to the wall on the new Blue Shell from Hell Circuit Mario Kart Wii is the Nintendo Wii's version of Mario Kart.



  • Drive slowly for two laps to reduce frustration, then get lightning, blue shells, bullets, POWs and come from behind to win!


  • Half of them.
You have to get lucky and get lots of blue shells to unlock the rest.


16 New courses in which you will see all new types of random elements that will impact your ability to use skill instead of luck. In the name of making everyone suck equally.


  • This game does not have the ability to play just against just friend, you must play with all 12 character every single time.
  • The controller that came with the Gamecube which predates the Wii is preferred by two out of three female adults over the age of 23.
  • GPFontaine was actually winning Rainbow Road and was about 3 seconds from crossing the finish line when he was hit by a blue shell, lightning, pow, blue shell, lightning red shell, and then run over by someone. He had to settle for 12th place instead even though he didn't do anything wrong and drove awesome.
    • I want to know how the fuck I was hit with a blue shell a second time when I was no longer in the lead... Gishman P. Fontaine 19:52, 11 May 2008 (PDT)
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