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Mr. Bomberman is the 33rd member of the forums, joining on January 28, 2006. He is to date, the token black guy on the forums. His name is a tribute to the first game he ever played.

His avatar to around June '08.

How he found this site out

Back in November 2005, Mr. Bomberman was a bored, uninteresting, and shy person, getting on the internet googling for random shit when he found Syd Lexia's article on the arcade game Smash TV (of which he owned the SNES version as a kid.) He loved it, and then started to read the other articles on the site. He also mailed Syd about a petition for a channel bringing back Nickelodeon's older, better programming, which never flourished.


After coming back from a hiatus in July 2006, Mr. Bomberman was accused of being a Japanophile, because of the way he carried himself on the forums. By the end of the year, he jokingly tagged "otaku~" onto his title as a parody of these events. By June 19, 2008, he erased that part of his title to stop further misunderstanding.

Posting habits

Mr. Bomberman used to post a lot (as sometimes he is on the forums all day long), but due to a current lack of an internet connection in his house as of April 2008, he drifts in and out randomly on weekends.

In May 2008, he found a new internet connection to steal, so he is up almost all the time.

Other facts

  • Mr. Bomberman is known as Haz N. outside the forums.
  • Bomberman routinely gets his ass handed to him on Street Fighter by Char and Murdar Machene.
  • More to come.