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A name change is a rare occurence on the forums where a user is allowed to change their name. Any and all requests for name changes must sent to Syd Lexia via private message. The following rules apply to name changes:

  • You are not eligible for a name change unless you are a regular poster.
  • You are not allowed a second name change until ONE FULL YEAR after the first one has been granted
  • You are only allowed TWO name changes total. Any further requests will be ignored.
  • Syd reserves the right to deny a name change for any reason.
  • If your name change request is denied, you may start a new account with the requested name. If you do so, your old account is immediately forfeit. It will not be returned to you under any circumstances.

These rules do not apply to formatting changes. If you ever wish to change the spacing or capitalization of your name, simply submit a request to Syd and it will be taken care of.

List Of Name Changes That Have Occurred

  • SuperMario3 became Adrenaline.
  • Blackout Boy became Blackout.
  • JEW became FNJ.
  • Herzog_Zwei became Aqua Hedgehog.
  • Cam-win became Cameron.
  • ross_rifle_113 became Ross Rifle.
  • Marine79 became Ash Burton.
  • Bobashotmace became Captain_Pollution.
  • ThatGuy became ToGdor.
  • Dummies_Ch2 became Crazy_Bastard