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OCTGN is a software program that allows for network play of card games.


Install OCTGN

  1. Install OCTGN

Magic The Gathering


OCTGN requires two types of files. First you must install the game definitions and then you must install the cards.


Magic v0.0.2.1

Sets (Cards)

Download the Sets you wish to play with.

You need your opponents decks to see their cards!



  1. Open OCTGN
  2. Click the Manage installed games button
  3. Click the Install a new game button
  4. Open the definition file named Magic-v0.
  5. Click the Close button

Sets (Cards)

  1. Open OCTGN
  2. Click the Manage installed games button
  3. Under Installed Games click Magic the gathering
  4. Click the Install new cards button
  5. Open the Set file you wish to play
    • Repeat this step until all of your Sets are loaded
  6. Click the Close button

Starting a New Game

Before you start hosting games, you need to make sure that port 8088 is routed to your computer and is not blocked.

  1. Click the Start a new game button
  2. Notify those who you will be playing against of your Internet IP address
  3. Click the Start button
  4. When everyone has joined click the Start button

  • I have submitted to PortForward.com and asked them to include OCTGN. Hopefully they will help out. I'll update this section when we find out more. For the time being you can use their website to get a general idea of how to unblock port 8088. - Gishman P. Fontaine 13:25, 24 March 2009 (PDT)

Joining a Game

  1. Get the IP address from the person hosting the game
  2. Click the Join an existing game button
  3. Enter the Server IP Address
    • The one that you got from the person hosting the game
  4. Click the Join button

Other Games

World of Warcraft

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