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Professor Hitler is a tall, incredibly muscular clone of Hitler who sports a monocle. He is Syd Lexia's archenemy. He is very evil and very, very real, but only Syd has ever seen him.

Professor Hitler's goals are unclear, but they seem to center around fucking with Syd. He rarely leaves his remote Hitler Laboratory, which teeters high atop a mountain on his secret invisible Sexy Nazi Island, but that doesn't prevent him from interfering with world affairs. Professor Hitler has the ability to possess anyone, anywhere for up to ten minutes simply by visualizing that person. At that point, his consciousness leaves his body and enters that of his victim. His primary body is very vulnerable during possessions, and if it is killed, Professor Hitler's consciousness will be reabsorbed back into Hitler Prime, who currently resides in Hell. This is because Professor Hitler does not have a soul of his own; as a clone of Hitler, he has a fragment of Hitler's soul.

Professor Hitler is immune to psychic attacks, but his possessions are surprisingly easy to break. It is impossible to tell when someone is possessed by Professor Hitler, but whenever you hear something say something amazingly hateful, stupid, or ignorant, congratulate that person by name on their observation... then, after an ellipse, recite the following incantation to send Professor Hitler back to his own body: "Or should I say, PROFESSOR HITLER!?"


  • Syd has been known to scream the incantation at complete strangers.
  • Professor Hitler is generally depicted as the son of Earth-2 Dr. Jeebus and Earth-2 She-Hulk, who was sent back in time to kill Earth-2 Tebor. When he accidentally entered a dimensional rift during his journey, Professor Hitler ended up on Earth-Prime. There, he became fixated on the target most genetically similar to Earth-2 Tebor: Earth-Prime Syd Lexia.
  • In some continuities, Professor Hitler is Dr. Jeebus' uncontrollable alter-ego.
  • Wikipedia discourages trivia sections.
  • Syd Lexia cordially invites all of you to submit concept art for Professor Hitler.

Concept Art

Professor Hitler by Baal.png Professor Hitler By ThatGuy.jpg Professor Hitler by Probable Muppet.jpg

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