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A Spelling Bee is a competition in which contestants take turns spelling words. Usually if you spell a word wrong you're out.

Forum Members Who Were In a Spelling Bee

Forum Members Who Almost Won

MOGHARR-3rd place in multiple bees.

Forum Members Who Did Win

  • Ross Rifle
  • Cattivo
  • Char Aznable


  • In one contest after a brutal 11 rounds of correctly spelled words, MOGHARR asked the judges to use his current word in a sentence. After hearing it stated aloud he began to spell it out, "M I C R O P E N I aye ya Oh Oh Ouch" he fell off stage and began to scream in pain as he curled into the fetal position. Unfortunately he had been stung in his left testicle by a bee. Despite the irony and his failing medical condition, the judges claimed that he had failed to spell Micropenis correctly and he was disqualified from the competition for causing a commotion.
  • Ross Rifle's Spelling Bee trophy from 9th grade is the only trophy he's ever won. At the year end awards ceremony, he got to go up in front of the whole school and accept it. It was pretty semi-cool.
  • Char's spelling bee trophies are either stupid looking, fucking creepy, or both. It's like the school is trying to scare all the smart kids.