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Max Payne is a badass video game series distributed by Rockstar. Tebor loves it.

Max Payne 2

It is fact that people who don't like romance in their games are afraid of all girls, even for girls.

The romance in Max Payne 2 can be summed up by saying Max did Mona against a wall for ten seconds. The rest of the game is about people screwing over Max and then him killing them for it.

Cinematic Adaptation

Marky Mark has been casted as Max Payne. Previously, but only in Tebor's head, Ben Affleck was the front runner for the role with Jennifer Garner as Mona Sax. Jennifer Garner is still believed, again only in Tebor's mind, to be in the running for Mona Sax. However, he wishes Molly Culver would get it and save whatever semblance of a career she has left.

Forum Significance

In Thread 23, Tebor started a thread discussing the Max Payne franchise. The first post was made August 24, 2005.

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