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The official SydLexia.com IRC channel was established on July 24th, 2008. The channel is named #sydlexia and is located on DALnet.

Channel details


Operators or Ops are the moderators of the IRC chat room.

  • Note: Those who ask for OP status will be kicked from the chat.


Command to list SOPs: /chanserv sop #sydlexia list


Command to list AOPs: /chanserv aop #sydlexia list


  1. No using inappropriate language in a hateful context
  2. No spamming the channel
  3. No abusing the bot
  4. If you are warned by an operator, take it seriously
  5. Don't steal other users' names.

We here as members of Sydlexia Enterprises take our identities very fucking seriously. We absolutely fucking hate it when people try and pretend to be us, or someone else, or anyone else, for whatever reason, regardless of whether you think it's funny or not.

So when you're in the chat room, please don't take another person's name. Please don't pretend to be another person. Don't fuck with someone else's identity, regardless of who they are. Or we will kick your ass out. It just ain't cool.

This is directed at one person in particular, but it's also a general statement to everyone who visits or may visit the chat room. And while we can't speak for the forum mods, I'm 99.5% certain they feel the same way.

Thank you.

- The #sydlexia Chat Ops.


Not following the rules, or acting like a dink in the room, could get you banned from it. The length of the ban is at the discretion of the channel ops, but could be anywhere from 5 minutes to 24 hours. Repeat offenders could find themselves banned for much longer times, or just kicked out forever.

If you're banned, suck it up and wait. Don't try and get around it, it just pisses us off and extends your ban. If you want to appeal your ban, the person to talk to is the one who banned you, or Syd.

Further Reading

How to get on IRC

In order talk to others on IRC you need to install an IRC client. The following sections list the steps you will have to take for different clients and operating systems.



Disclaimer: You can only use this for so long. After that you have to pay to use it.

  1. Download and install mIRC.
  2. Run mIRC. By default, it will connect you to a DALnet server.
  3. Pick a username and whatnot.
  4. When the channel window pops up, type in #sydlexia and join.
  5. Alternatively, you can type /join #sydlexia into the status window to join.

Note: The above is incredibly obtuse and is apparently hard for people to follow. Try using: Fernin's mIRC Tutorial. Also, you can !define mIRC in the chatroom to have the LexiaBot9000 tell you a little about it.


Note: You need Firefox to use ChatZilla.

  1. Install ChatZilla.
  2. Open Firefox and click the Tools menu.
  3. Click ChatZilla.
  4. In the ChatZilla! window click the ChatZilla menu.
  5. Click Preferences....
  6. In the Nickname field type in your screenname.
  7. Click the OK button.
  8. Close the ChatZilla! window.
  9. Click this link. It may take a few moments to connect, but you should then be connected to the #sydlexia channel.



  1. Download Conversation from http://homepage.mac.com/philrobin/conversation/
  2. Go to file>preferences and pick a username and stuff.
  3. Click the “+” icon and select “Server” from the pulldown menu
  4. Type irc.dal.net in the appropriate space and click “open” from the pulldown menu at the bottom.
  5. Click the “+” icon again and select “channel” from the pulldown menu
  6. Type #sydlexia into the space provided, and click open once more from the pulldown menu.
  7. Enjoy IRC chat



  1. Download XChat or install it through your distro's package manager.
  2. Run XChat.
  3. Pick a username.
  4. Pick the DALnet server from the list.
  5. If XChat asks for the channel enter #sydlexia.
  6. If it doesn't ask, enter /join #sydlexia.


  1. Download BitchX or install it through your distro's package manager.
  2. Run BitchX.
  3. Type /server irc.dal.net.
  4. Type /nick YourScreenName.
  5. Type /join #sydlexia.

Web Based

Note - While the webclient is a quick and easy way to get online from pretty much anywhere, it is widely regarded as sucking, and you will be either mocked (if you have better options available) or pitied (if you do not).


  1. Go to http://elar.lap.ee/cgi/irc.cgi
  2. In the Nickname field type in your forum login name
  3. In the Server field type in irc.dal.net
  4. In the Channel field type in #Sydlexia

The easy way

  1. Go to http://karatekid.sydlexia.com/irc
  2. Enter your name
  3. Press the button


Dalnet supports a registered nickname system. We suggest you use it to protect your name, and in case we need to use a channel mode designed to only allow registered names to talk.

How to register your nick

If you want to prevent other people from using your nick you have to register it with DALnet. Here's a quick guide on how to do that:

  1. Type /nick YourScreenName and press Enter.
  2. Type /nickserv register YourPassword YourEmailAddress and press Enter.
  3. Check your email account for a confirmation email. It can take up to an hour. Near the bottom of the email you will find a link to make your registration permanent.

(Note: If you choose a nickname already taken on the server, you will get errors.)

You can now identify yourself by typing /msg nickserv@services.dal.net identify YourPassword or more simply /identify YourPassword after you logged onto the server. For a full documentation on registration and identification read the DALnet NickServ Registration guide.

Why Isn't Syd In The Channel?

Who says he isn't?

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