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Sydapedia on Sydapedia.
(If you are reading this chances are that you already know what Sydapedia is. But, hey, if Wikipedia can have an article about itself, so can we.)

The Sydapedia is a user-created wiki and part of It can be found at and is a half-assed attempt to chronicle the history of the site, particularly its forums and the people who post therein.

While the wiki can theoretically be edited by anybody, it is not linked from the main site of and therefore largely unknown outside the small circle of forum members.


Sydapedia first went live on December 8th, 2007. At the time of its inception Syd described it as a way "to keep track of the site's history, mock past board members, create extensive ego pages about how fucking awesome we are, and other stuff." [1]

By July 2008 the wiki had grown to contain more then 370 articles, all created by members of the forums. Unfortunely a lot of these articles were either stubs or did not fall within the intended focus of the wiki as laid out by Syd. As a result he announced on July 12, that he was going to clean up Sydapedia and remove anything not related to the topics the wiki was meant for "with extreme prejudice". [2]

Point of view

Sydapedia is meant to be somewhat informative, but it is also intended to be entertaining to read. Unlike Wikipedia, few if any of the articles found in it are written with any sense of neutrality. There are also many in-jokes contained in it, so a lot of the things may seem nonsensical to outside readers or fail to interest those who are not devoted followers of Syd Lexia's cult of personality. Only a fool would take anything written on the Sydapedia serious.

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