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The Bell is a special emoticon that appears exclusively on the Forums. It is used to signify an ad-hominem attack. It was suggested by Dr. Jeebus. The concept of the ad-hominem bell originates from The Radio Factor with Bill O'Reilly. Bill's cohost E.D. Hill kept complaining that Bill was making ad-hominem attacks in some of his rants, so he gave her a bell to ring whenever she felt he had made one. Jeebus pitched the emoticon to Syd, and it was quickly added to the forum's roster of emoticons. On the forum, the bell's usage has been slightly altered from its original intention. On the forums, the bell is "rung" by the person making the ad-hominem attack, either to punctuate the insult or to show that the insult is in jest.

The bell's sprite is stolen from the Twinbee and Parodius series of video games. The sprite was directly ripped from the original Parodius, as Syd is a much bigger fan of that series.

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