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RegalSin is a former member of the Forums. Aside from being batshit crazy, he is also an anti-Zionist, and possibly a pedophile. He was finally given the boot after everyone got too hot and too tired to continue to deal with his bullshit. He is also the retard who likes Mortal Kombat. This is the internet's #1 source for information on RegalSin and his exploits.


  • Sex with people of any age group is okay.
  • Bass and Zero, two separate robots from the Mega Man series, are in fact one and the same.
  • Games of today will never be like tomorrow.
  • His dream girl is a ten year old Japanese Geisha.
  • He can't get up off of his own toilet.

Understanding RegalSin

RegalSin used a language that only he himself understood, and left many forum members completely confused as to what ReginSin was trying to say.

Syd once conducted an experiment where he translated one of RegalSin's original statements:

"Not how my avator is resembling the ideal of Hitler saving Her beautiful Germany from Democracy or how Russia freed itself by raping and pillaging there Royal family only to be replaced by another man who had the wrong view of Hitler while doing as the French revolution did."

Syd translated this into French, then from French to German, then from German back to English using Babel Fish, to get this result:

"Not, how mine resembles avator the ideal of the economy of Hitler its beautiful Germany of the democracy, or how Russia freed itself, as hurts it, and by gepluendert there only the royal family who can be replaced from another man to, which the wrong view of Hitler had, by making, how it made the French revolution."

After the experiment, Syd concluded that there was "Not much difference, actually."

Responses To RegalSin And His Posts

  • Black Zarak once said in response to RegalSin, "You know, it's off topic, but whenever I try to read something you wrote, I hear that "Wah-wahh-waa" noise adults make in the Peanuts cartoons..."
  • Valdronius once said in response to a properly written RegalSin post: "I just spent the last 15 mintues searching this post for a grammatical error, and I can't find a single one! I feel a little faint; is this the first sign of the end of the world?"
  • Tebor once said to RegalSin, after reading a post, "Regs, seek help, man. Seek help."
  • Spanky McCracken once said to RegalSin, "Jesus, if it were ok to hit retards I'd find out where you live and lash you with my belt for being a moron."
  • DarkMaze once said in response to RegalSin ripping on the Press Start flash cartoons: "I have no idea what he said either. But if he hates them, I consider that a compliment."
  • User:Random_person once tried to respond to him, but he was too hot and tired

Quotes, a.k.a. Shit RegalSin Actually Said

  • You know what, to hell with you all. I am too tired and too hot to have this redundant conversation to continue.
  • The window is now open, may the rain drizzle in.
  • Dr. Jeebus is like Sean Connery with insults.
  • Relationships of Today will never be like tommorow.
  • I think I have downloaded so much I am bored with downloading. No really I bored with downloading stuff I might consider moving to Canada or the pacific. (Note: RegalSin can stay the fuck out of Canada.)
  • Capcom knows Zero is Forte. Forte saying girly in a game is like Tron asking for a slice of Pizza.
  • If I wanted to see mice looking women media people I could just order nude news or browse the web for Exposed pics and videos.
  • Well the truth is I would have ripped open the NES just to get into the creamy center.
  • What I hate the most about it is nothing hey it's my Mothers birthday hurray
  • The thing is right now this is many years after that happen and the thing is he lost his promotion after telling a worker not to sleep on the job, all grey unincluding his skin, has like five children in one house, his current wife looks like a cheetahs skin rug on a mop stick, and lastly the mother of the daughter he had before he married my mother is jacking him for "owed" child support and she is around 24 while paying child support for the two children he left behind( still paying for me the fact I am college), he needs to lose some weight and is starting to ride a bike back and forth like some guy who just got his license, and his father never went after his mother when she left for not telling his father about the son she had that was his father( he has like five brothers). (Editor's note: Yes, that was one sentence.)
  • I want to see the movie the exact same way Mr. Rogers sawed Star Wars.
  • My advice is the best defense is no defense.
  • What in tarnation is a Dan Cook ?
  • I recently order some stuff from Ebay and had to deal with talking to the post office manager (who is a Jew)
  • Well I could obviously see that but Syd would have to throw something big out the window.
  • If you did punch a specific person in the face they will attack you or demand treatment.
  • Personally I am tired of these drawings but nothing is wrong with nudism as long as it's for profit and art.
  • they are college kids, and more or less country 90210 bumpkings living in saved by the bell
  • Show pictures of anything that is material. Your car, bike and extra bike pieces, your cloned enhanced manimal, your Funbags or nips, your new dvdplayer, your 8 track tapes of Kenny G Rogers, your destruc bot H302, your monkeys paw, your internet dick, your light saber, your spy gear, your M47, your B-16, your blackbird, your black cherry, your blue Titan, your framed pencil, and more importantly any toy for any age even a boulder breaker back from the stone age.
  • In such case I was banned for racism. Where I used the phrase "The JEw part of town" and in another thread were I used slang or broken words........where one of the broken words was Nigga.
  • I am not a erasict person
  • Hell yes I ingore alot of things like I do not care if Japan Bomb pearl Harbor since hey they never wanted to trade in the first place.
  • Like for example Chinese food restaraunts use vinegar on there food alot and I do not buy the food enymore unless somebody else pays.
  • If the real B.B.King was alive he would have support me
  • But first the forums haves to be filled up with all kinds of people and jist before Tee-Shirts could ever sell. Also these people must have jobs and be able to send money orders without hesitation.
  • But to slaughty Little Red Hen, eat her bread, and then roast her children.
  • I want to have sexual intercourse with your vagina

Forums That RegalSin Has Been Banned From

Did you know that isn't the only site that Regal's crazy ass has been banned from? Here's a list of the sites he's been banned from (that we know of):

  • - Made remarks indicating that he was anti-semitic and enjoyed pedophilia.
  • - Regal was not technically banned. Following several forum rule changes that he did not follow, his account name was changed to Me Fail English? That's Unpossible. He assumed he had banned and attempted to start a new account, which was promptly banninated due the forum's one account per user rule. He still has an account on this site, but has forgotten the password.
  • - CheapyD, the owner of the website, held a question and answer session between the CheapAssGamer community and his Japanese wife. RegalSin asked: "Why is japanese womens panties so thick?" This got him banned. He came back a second time, and made pro-terrorist and anti-American remarks, invoking the wrath of CheapyD and resulting in a permanent ban. Since they never bothered to ban his IP, RegalSin was able to return and get himself banned several more times.
  • - Regal claimed that programmers were at the bottom of the game design food chain, and that those who came up with the game concepts were at the top. This earned him a ban. He came back under several different names, only to be banned yet again.
  • - Regal actually was banned temporarly, but a deputy moderator, which, is currently looking to aquire more of. Apparently this was his post about Southpark relating to Earthbound, in the wrong section. Considering his neglect to associate, religious commentary in the conversation. Apparently Regalsin calling a moderator shit face, is less seriously then the subject of SouthPark.
  • - Made remarks comparing the Neo-Geo to a record player. This earned him a free ride into "The Thunderdome", which (I'm assuming) is some sort of pre-ban area of the forum. Regal kept on being Regal, and was eventually shitcanned.
  • - Banned on reputation alone.
  • - Started a thread so insane that it resulted in his ban.
  • - Started arguing that the SNES was better than the Amiga. This was considered trolling. Argued on for several pages about how white people cannot draw, which invoked the ire of the forum admin and finally got him banned.
  • - Used the N-word when someone posted a rap video.
  • GBAtemp - Banned due to his odd writing style and failure to contribute anything useful.
  • - Regal apparently wasn't actually banned for once, he just stopped posting.
  • - Attempted to win a Wii in a forum contest by spamming. He was banned shortly thereafter.
  • - Regal decided to start an argument about PAL vs. NTSC on a European gaming site. He was banned and all his posts were erased.
  • - It's Nintendo, so he could have done pretty much anything.
  • - Unknown.
  • - Unknown.
  • - Posted several shock site links on member Vinny's profile, where even one porn link is an instant ban. It has been suggested that this was another banned forum member (Shi-Kagemaru/Kagemaru H.) posing as RegalSin.
  • - Unknown.
  • - Unknown.
  • Senntient - Apparently posted pornography in a thread. He was assumed to have left at one point but eventually returned.
  • - Posted something incredibly long and weird into the Mortal Kombat movie topic, which nobody felt like reading but it looked stupid anyways. Then something he trolled modern gaming section too. At this point nobody felt like reading these posts in semi-english language generated by his ancient creature anymore so they just banned him.
  • Senntient - Apparently Senn, a creator of Sally from SonicCH7 did not like when Regalsin created a thread about Killer Tomatoes, placing an image of a woman in a tight red shirt, calling them Tomatoes. Being the Fem-naszi that she is, she quickly figured out how to use the forum functions and kick him from the website. Prior to this, Regalsin even argued with her in a diplomatic fashion, using her bad exprience with a black man, versus his. It was so terrible, that RegalSin caused people on the forum to leave by deleting there accounts. Regalsin caused account suicide on a real official game designer's website. He was assumed to have left at one point but eventually returned.
  • - A website made from the ashes of Highervoltage, that Regalsin help destroyed. Instead of just posting, we believe Regalsin summoned other trolls of his kind. Simular to the Zeriam Monster, spawns of Regalsin attacked Neil's

forum. At every angle Neil Rufus Ross, shot down the countless Regalsin copies. While bannable, regalsin was not stoppable from posting his rambling bullshit. To make things worst he keeps posting pictures of the other near pedo forum member known as Gel. God have mercy on the net, that he, ever reproduce.

  • Every other forum he's ever joined or will join

Known Aliases

  • Donovian B.
  • Loyaltist S.
  • Reguluse
  • Rugal S.
  • Red Queen
  • Girly Gamer
  • ROTS

Regal's Future on SydLexia

Regal is theoretically free to come back to under a different username, as Syd only gave him a user-level ban and not an IP-level one. However, this is not advised.

External Links

  • Regal's additions to this page edited by Dan H., who is too hot and tired to continue.